Easy Ways for Effective Rottweiler Training

June 3, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Do you want your pet to sit, stay, shake or stop using your costly oriental rug to conceal his little “gifts”? Read this article to find suggestions that will help you achieve successful Rottweiler training and reduce those things you’re having difficulties with. You may even teach him to clean up those accidents he did not mean to have.

To help train your pet, you ought to be consistent in your use of commands. Your pet will remember the way a command sounds, not the context of the command. For example, if you would like utilize the command “come” to call your dog, only use that command. Do not use a command “here”, or “get over here” and count on the same result. Family members who communicate with the pet should be reminded of this principle in an attempt to avoid confusion on the dog’s part.

Dogs benefit from being trained to respond not just to verbal commands but also to the body gestures of their owner. Consider for example a dog that is approaching his owner from across a chaotic road. The dog who is trained to stay in response to the right hand movement is more likely to pull through this experience than the dog trained to verbal commands only.

Build your dog’s attention span by increasing challenges. If your pet dog masters a command well at home try it outside on a peaceful sidewalk. If he succeeds at these tasks, consistently bring him to a more noisy location like the park. This builds his attention span and increases his likelihood of listening to you around chaos.

Use correct rewards and punishments during Rottweiler training. For example, many pets respond positively when rewarded with a favorite treat for good behavior. However, you will not have to utilize dog treats forever to train your pet. As time goes by and your dog starts to learn, his obedience increases and he will obey your commands as a routine instead of an action that gets rewarded with treats. It’s also nice to make use of one form of praise when your pet dog performs as you requested. At the same time, bear in mind that too much punishment can backfire. Instead, use a consistent tone of voice or command word to indicate to your dog when a behavior is not acceptable.

Always be kind and patient with your dog. Know that training dogs can be frustrating due to the fact that some dogs have harder time learning obedience than others. Always try not to lose your temper and fight the urge to yell or holler at your dog. Also, don’t hit your dog as this will only serve to confuse him and will actually make Rottweiler training more challenging.

David Lamb is not a professional dog trainer but has learned a lot of Rottweiler training info by being a Rottie owner for many years. The info he learned is now shared on this website specifically made for Rottweiler training.


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