Edinburgh: Visit the Scottish Capital on a Budget

August 28, 2011 · Posted in Europe, Travel 

Edinburgh city centre is divided into two main parts, the old town and the new town. The old is the medieval heart of the city and the ‘new’ is the 18th Century Georgian part. The city had been a tourist destination for many centuries and accommodation options reflect this. Cheap hotels in Edinburgh are available despite it being a capital city but it is worth booking these ahead of time, especially during August when the various Edinburgh festivals are held.

New Year’s is another time when it is essential to think about accommodation ahead of time. The Hogmanay New Year celebrations (which even eclipse Christmas as the most important festive season event in Edinburgh) are internationally famous and people from all over the world flock to the city to experience the party. Budget hotels in Edinburgh city centre include two Premier Inns which will easily accommodate you at a great rate if you book ahead of time.

Edinburgh is a compact city and much of it is able to be explored on foot and many people would describe just walking the city as one of its many pleasures. Most of the walking in Edinburgh is easy despite its many hills; climbing up to Edinburgh castle, however, is taxing but well worth it. An unusual site in Edinburgh is the Camera Obscura, a 150 year old invention that focuses light from the top of a tower into a room below, giving a 360 panoramic view of Edinburgh. Both of these sites will be easily reachable from any of the hotels in central Edinburgh.

The city is internationally known for its summer festivals. The Edinburgh International Festival founded in 1947 is the original and still maintains a reputation for more high brown entertainment than the later festivals. The Fringe Festival offers more alternative entertainment with a focus on comedy; it is the biggest festival of its kind in the entire world.

Numerous other large festival events occur throughout the summer, including for jazz, books and film to name only a few. It is worth investigating those that will be on when you visit, or actually making the trip just to attend one. As we mentioned before if you visit in the summer festival season be sure to book hotels in Edinburgh city centre well ahead of your visit as they fill up fast, this will be especially true for theĀ budget hotels in Edinburgh.

For the food lover, Edinburgh is a paradise. It has food outlets all over the city, serving all different types of food to all budgets. The Scottish like to deep fry foods most of the world would not, if your arteries are up to it this food is well worth trying. Interesting foods to try are deep friend pizza and hamburgers and for desert finish the meal up with a deep fried Mars bar! Be sure to avoid the tourist traps restaurants around the castle.

Edinburgh is a city popular with tourists for a reason, its sights, foods and festivals make it a city many people find themselves returning to.


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