Effective And Safe Cleaning Up Guidelines Of Granite Countertops

April 3, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement 

Granite is apparently the popular choice for countertop of most homeowners today. Though quite expensive, some still opt for this product to be established in their houses. The beauty of the stone enhances the appearance of even the most sluggish kitchen or bathroom. It is always necessary to make certain you have them clean. Here are some suggestions as well as product types on maintaining the appropriate cleanliness of the granite countertop to keep them looking brand new and polished.

Granite Cleansers

Granite cleaners may be the great way of cleaning up granite countertops. This type of cleaning solution is very convenient and easy to employ. What you will need to do is shake, spray, remain and remove! Spray the product on the counters as well as for short while let it remain in there and then clear it off with a clean cloth. You don’t have to repeat this cleaning procedure regularly. But whenever you see water stains on your counter top, you should get rid of them instantly. It will be still best if you clean up your granite counter tops at least once or maybe twice per week. Or if you have little ones or many people in your house, you can choose to clean it three times a week or more.

This product allows the granite counters save its natural appearance as well as glow. Granite countertops is a great investment in your house for re -sale reasons and the proper cleaning of it implies that you can enjoy them for many years in the future.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Most people don’t like to use Clorox because of its scent. But, this is the best choice when you wish to finish your cleaning chore right away. Don’t forget to make sure that you don’t leave any water on the surface of the counter after using any cleaning solutions.


Find a spray bottle and place some vinegar and water on it. Then shake the bottle and spray counter tops. Ensure that you shake the bottle before you apply it. Let the mixture remain on the countertop for at least ten minutes. And then after that, use a wet cloth to get rid of the vinegar. Now use a dry towel or cloth to eliminate the remaining moisture on the counter top, as this helps prevent spotting.


Because some people hate the scent of vinegar even though it cleans quickly, they opt for an alternative cleaning solution such as Windex in cleaning for granite counter tops. With Windex, you should spray directly on the surface of the counter for up to eight inches from it. Unlike vinegar, a smooth towel is essential in this solution for cleaning and shinning the granite counters. Few stains may need far more time and energy in polishing granite countertops.

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