Ethanol Kamine Provides A Portable Fireplace

February 23, 2012 · Posted in Lifestyle 

Ethanol Kamine is the name given to a fireplace that uses bioethanol as its fuel source. It is considered a much cleaner and eco-friendly alternative to the conventional fireplace. This fireplace does not rely on wood or gas and uses bioethanol, which is a natural form of ethanol produced from plants like sugar cane.

Being a portable fireplace makes it a better option for people who live in apartments. The maintenance tasks that go with a regular fireplace are no longer necessary due to the fact that there is no ash and no need for a chimney. The only by-products are carbon dioxide and water vapor.

The ideal room for it needs to be very well ventilated to ensure that there is no build-up of fumes. Its aesthetic appeal lends itself very well as a tool that can be used by an interior designer. Eat can be provided to large rooms.

Existing fireplaces can be converted very quickly to an ethanol alternative. Within minutes an old fireplace can be restored and brought to life. A portable unit can be placed inside the existing fireplace giving it a clean, modern look.

Man has always had a fascination with fire, a sense of magic and wonder in being able to control an element that is capable of such immense power. The presence of a flame helps to enhance a certain mood. Romantic evenings would be very hard to come by without the presence of a fire or a dinner at candle light.

This fireplace provides an eco-friendly option that will certainly become more popular. It provides a much cleaner option in that there is no need to deal with filthy chimneys or expensive gas bills. Being portable means that people who would never consider a fireplace, like those who live in apartments, are also catered for.

Learn about the advantages and benefits of using Bio Ethanol Kamine fireplaces to heat your home or office. You can find information about the Bio Ethanolkamin alternative for heating today!


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