Everyday Paleo Diet For A Healthy Blast From The Nutritious Past

November 29, 2011 · Posted in Food and Drinks 

The Paleolithic diet that has been much talked about recently has many adherents, and a few controversial issues. In the weight-loss world and the health care professions, everyone, it seems has an opinion. The everyday Paleo diet is worth considering.

If you are unfamiliar with its philosophy, it is very simple: what the cavemen and women ate is all you really need and by omitting the fabricated modern-day foods from your diet, you will not only shed weight, but lose the health problems. Billed not as a diet, but a wellness program, weight loss is the bonus.

The Paleolithics ate a simple diet of meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and nuts. The foods found whole in nature. They did not have yet sugars, grains, oils or dairy products. Their diet was full of vitamins and minerals and none of the indigestible foods that came with later civilizations.

To follow this diet, plenty of foods must be eliminated from your kitchen. Banish all junk food, say farewell to the dairy aisle, forget about anything packaged for freshness and do away with sweets completely except for a little honey. Flavor your meat and veggies with spices or herbs and regain your sense of taste. For your daily intake, eat 55-65 percent animal food, 36-45 percent plants foods. Eschew all else. If this plan seems radical to you, it is not so different from the low-carb diets, or even the sophisticated Mediterranean Diet. It has much in common with the raw food movement.

The promulgators of this diet say in will increase your energy, help with mood disorders, rid you of body aches and pains, and clear up sinus problems, usually due to mucus from dairy. It promises to clear your mental apparatus.

Practicing the everyday Paleo diet should also cut your food expenses. Organic foods are recommended and they can be more pricey but the money you save skipping the bakery, dairy aisle, wine section (no wine or alcohol at all), and all those convenience foods should have your budget in good shape. Health, wealth and stealth all in one diet plan. The Flintstones themselves vouch for it.

Everyday Paleo is one of the new weight management plans for losing weight that are constantly being promoted. The Every Day Paleo food plan makes good sense when you follow it closely.


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