Everything You Need To Know About Sushi

July 8, 2012 · Posted in Food and Drinks 

One of the most distinguished cuisines in the world today are that of the Japanese. People from all over have learned to love and enjoy Japanese food. Foodies would know that there is more to this cuisine than sushi Calgary. You experience a whirlwind of flavors and textures that make your dining experience more enjoyable and unique.

Basically, traditional Japanese food is the assemblage of rice, known as gohan, and an array of side dishes, known as okazu. The gohan is served in a bowl. The okazu is placed on a small plate. Miso soup can also be served, and also appetizers.

The Japanese have learned to take advantage of their abundant supply of seafood. Thus, meat is rarely used in preparing meals. A common Japanese diet is based on wheat, grains and seaweed. Seafood comes next. This practice is also due to the strong Buddhist origins. Eating four legged creatures were a known taboo.

Probably the most popular choice in this cuisine is sushi. The moment you step into a Japanese restaurant, the first thing people order is this dish. It is basically vinegared rice served with other ingredients known as neta. This dish is categorized into two kinds, nigiri and maki.

Nigiri is your chosen protein served on rice, with a touch of wasabi. You can have raw fish, known as sashimi, on top of the rice or you can opt to have tofu or fish eggs. Nigiri is not the type that is wrapped in seaweed. It is just seafood or tofu with rice serving as its base.

Maki, on the other hand, is the type that you usually picture this dish out to be. The toppings and vinegared rice are combined and wrapped in seaweed sheets. These are called nori rolls and are sliced usually into six or eight pieces. The fish used in Maki, compared to Nigiri, is less raw. It is also more creative in presentation.

Sushi Calgary is known to be healthy. The seaweed is said to be rich in vitamins and niacin. However, when it comes to the fish, make sure it is not as fishy as it is supposed to be. Taking a quick sniff before having a bite never hurts and it also allows you to enjoy your meal more.

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