Excellent Massage Chairs Reduce Chronic Irritation

January 11, 2012 · Posted in Health 

Massage therapy has been known to help relax and clear your mind. Massage helps to decrease stress by calm your mind and soothing the muscles of the body. However, what about conditions of chronic pain? New studies are starting to show that massage has a greater impact on relieving conditions such as migraine headaches to lower back pain. Massage chairs are being utilized by many chiropractors for therapies to help people with chronic back pain conditions.

One interesting study was performed by the Puget Sound Center for health studies in 2001. This study found that massage therapy provided greater pain relief to patients than either acupuncture or self-care. This study reported that even after one year that massage therapy for back pain provided more benefits than acupuncture and self-care.

Sufferers of chronic pain not only have to deal with the pain but also its psychological impact. Having constant pain wears on the individual and also on their mind. Massage helps to relieve stress and relax the patient’s mind. This helps them better cope with the chronic pain.

Chronic pain is typically associated with arthritis, migraine headaches, sciatica and fibromyalgia. Many of these conditions can affect the soft tissues of the body. This includes the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Many of these soft tissues become stiff and fatigued. Massage is known to soothe these muscles to help them regain their flexibility.

Some people with chronic pain can also come under increased stress. Stress releases adrenaline into the body. Prolonged stress can cause muscle tension and fatigue due to the continued release of adrenaline. The body needs some sort of release when it is under stress. Massage chair therapy can help to reduce stress with periodic treatments.

Massage chairs are designed to provide therapeutic benefits. A remote control is built into the massage chair. The remote control allows the user to set automatic programs or manual programs. Massage chairs come equipped with a multitude of massage techniques. Sophisticated software programs replicate many traditional and popular massage techniques.

Massage chairs are designed with additional therapeutic treatments. The application of heat is popular in sports to reduce swelling and to help blood circulation. Designers of massage chairs have included heating elements which can be applied to particular muscle areas.

How about a good stretch? Massage chairs come equipped with stretching capabilities. Stretching exerts a force on the muscles and soft tissues normally by pulling. This gentle stretching is important to restore flexibility in joints and soft tissue areas. Lower body stretching and upper body stretching is available in massage chairs.

Massage chairs come equipped with MP3 players and headphones to provide a relaxing environment. You music helps to quiet the mind and to take its thoughts off of stressful situations. As the mind relax, so to the muscles of the body. Massage chairs provide a soothing and relaxing environment to receive a massage.

Many new technologies continue to be integrated into massage chairs to provide therapeutic benefits to the users. This is an excellent trend as these features can help provide effective relief. Suffering from chronic pain is a tough situation. Massage chair therapy on a periodic basis helps to keep those symptoms in check.

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