Exceptional Option For Me – Handlebar Cell Phone Mount Critique

December 29, 2011 · Posted in Technology 

The clips that go onto the vents aren’t hooked in the ends, so they don’t actually grip the vent. The mount can easily be pulled off without releasing the clips.

If I mount it on the passenger vents, it’s too far away for me to see. The phone itself fits well. I tried my Garmin Nuvi 750 GPS in the mount as well, and even though that is a fairly large GPS, it fit perfectly; again not blocking the USB port or the on/off switch. Where I live it is still pretty cool in the morning, so I have not tried the vent mount, but it looks as though it should work pretty well. I use this with my HTC EVO 4G phone and it works pretty well. No real complaints other than when it is connected to the air vents (2010 Kia Forte); it makes an annoying rattling sound. My phone fits in the holder perfect and doesn’t feel like it will fall out. I would definitely recommend!

I’ve had it stuck there ever since I bought it and it hasn’t fallen once. It’s been through cold weather, hot weather up to 100 degrees and it is still there. You get two mounting options for cheap. Typically you only get one type of mount for this price. I am using the Arkon with the vent mount. The mount fit the vents in my Monte Carlo just fine.

I was trying to find a good car mount for my Droid X that wasn’t too expensive, and I somehow stumbled across this product. I paid in total, with shipping: $21.91 The mount looks a bit cheap as far as the plastic is concerned, but it’s durable enough, getting tossed into the back of my car whenever I’m done with it, and flying around on the floor after I’ve thrown it into the back.

The more sloped your windshield the worse it will be as well. There are apparently clip-in vent mounts available made especially for your make/model of car from other vendors, and I’d look there before here. The suction cup design is the best I’ve used. There is a wide variety of adjustments and configurations for how you can use this mount. The holder itself is a great solution for those of us with odd sized devices or devices with a protective case installed. I use my iPhone for XM radio and Navagon GPS navigation in my car.

I only use this when I’m using my phone as GPS or when it’s on Bluetooth. Overall the product was exactly what I expected. And the best part is that it EASILY fits my Otterbox case. Very hard to find clips that do, so I’d practically give it 5 stars just for that The vent mount attachment works but is a bit wobbly and the vent bounces up on bumps.

FURTHERMORE, the part that holds the phone slides on (AND OFF) the part that was supposed to hold on to the vent. So I suspect, although I did not try it, that it will slide off of the suction cup part too.

My Thunderbolt, being a semi-heavy phone, rather often will pull the mount off the vent if I go over a little bump, and the whole thing will fall off. auto repair quotes.


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