Extreme Disappointment – Samsung Digital Camera Review

December 28, 2011 · Posted in Photography 

Having lost my last Stylus Tough, I upgraded to this model. While, I still think it is a good niche product, the startup time is terrible, and it does appear to take much longer to focus and snap pictures. Feature rich (any mode you realistically need, even a beauty mode) Easy menus Short battery life Zoom is somewhat limited (because of the waterproof case) I have been a big fan of the tough series. I have owned several versions of them. We took it to the pool and the picture quality is amazing! I was afraid of the camera blacking out under water, but it didn’t! The initial instructions for charging the battery and setup and initializing of the camera do not work with a Mac. I had to call tech support to find out that you cannot charge the battery on the Mac; you must use the adapter [provided] and a wall outlet. It takes a long time to turn on. If you want an underwater camera for snorkeling, or to take pictures of anything moving, this camera will NOT do it – the fish will be gone before the camera can get the shot.

Also, the pictures are great quality and crisp. I use it a lot on cars, and the detail is great. This is the second Olympus Tough that I have own. The first one died after 3 years of taking it to the beach and eventually the seals give up and let water in (sea water).

I read all of the reviews and no one mentioned the horrible sound quality. It sounds like the camera was under water. The camera was constantly covered in dew, rained on, and had a 35 pound backpack lying on top of it. Despite all of that, it worked flawlessly.

I don’t want to connect it to a PC so leave me alone. Just take the pictures like you are supposed to. The pictures are looking great and the zoom is perfect for us. We travel a good bit and this camera is easy to use and easy to carry in my purse.

Nice features. Best buy has it on sale for 269. If you open it while it is wet or your hands are wet, then you should expect problems. After videotaping under water, I waited the suggested time, and made sure it was all dry, then opened the camera up to hook up to my computer.

Wouldn’t you want to know all that it does? This camera does a lot. While all of these were preventable, they don’t detract from the overall value of this camera. I purchased this for upcoming travel in a harsh environment likely to test each of its waterproofing, shock proofing and dustproofing.

As for the UI, it leaves much to be desired. telescopic loppers.


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