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November 4, 2011 · Posted in Business 

Plumbing today is more than fixing a leaking faucet. Las Vegas plumbers go through intensive classroom training, and then will work for several years as an apprentice on the job. Plumbers must complete all training requirements. Plumbers then must pass the licensing test. They must do all this before they can call themselves plumbers.

Drainpipes do not operate under pressure like water supply lines. Water drains by gravity and there are elbows, and traps that hold water to keep the gases from backing up. Homeowners, if they use a CO2 gas canister to unstop their drains may blow apart the fittings on the PVC pipe or separate an elbow. Snakes work the best, because there is no damage and there are never any chemicals involved.

Bathroom sinks become clogged with hair rather quickly, because of the mechanism that opens and shuts the drain. The stopper comes out easily. The clog is generally right near the top and is usually hair. Right below the sink is the trap or elbow. The elbow is a simple procedure to separate and remove a clog if it is that that far down. Otherwise, the plumber would have to run the snake through to the main drain. Bathtub drains operate in the same fashion. Standalone showers usually have a drain plate that must be unscrewed. The shower trap is not accessible unless there is crawlspace under the house, but the pipe is large enough to run the snake past the trap if it is needed.

Waste from all drains in the home run through to the tank through a series of baffles, or some call them traps. The baffles are designed to prevent sewer gas from entering the house through the drains. The pipes are designed to allow water to remain in the pipe blocking the gas. The solids settle in the tank to break down with the help of bacteria.

If the home is not on a sewer system then a septic system must be designed. There are codes that must be followed. Lateral lines and the proper fill material for the leach fields all have to be designed and calculated. Plumbers must know how to test for saturation if the house in on a septic system. The test is called a perk test in some states. This test will determine if the property has the proper soil composition to sustain a septic system.

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