Find Inspiration With The Best Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss

July 24, 2012 · Posted in Weight Loss 

The best yoga Asanas for weight loss are the most effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle. This means eating fruit and vegetables and increasing levels of exercise. In the majority of cases people who are trying to slim down and are failing are only doing so because they have missed one of these steps out.

The Sun Salutation is one of the best sequences to start with as it is relatively simple and once learned can be repeated over to generate results. The individual can adapt it to their physical and mental needs to produce the best results. It can also be adapted for those days when you have no energy.

Start by standing with feet together and hand pressed together in front of the chest. Move to a back-bend with arms above the head and then reach down to touch the toes. Place the hands on the floor and move one leg back into a lunge. This is then followed by the other leg and place the knees on the floor.

From the cat position slide through to the cobra and then the upward dog. Push upwards to the downward dog and then return to the lunge and then the forward bend again. These moves improve movement in the hip area and mobility. By moving from one position to another each muscle is used and focused on.

From the forward bend use the stomach muscles to bring the body up into a back bend and then end in mountain pose again. This can be repeated a few times in the morning and the night or repeated multiple times to create a more intense workout. Either way has many benefits both physically and mentally.

The day after a thorough workout with the Sun Salutation the body will feel fluid, relaxed and stronger. After a month of regular workouts the body will feel slimmer, leaner and be ready for a more intense yoga workout. With regular sessions flexibility will increase rapidly and the body will be yearning for a higher intensity.

The more intense and regular the workout the faster the fat reduction effects will take place. Those suffering with physical ailments should perform gentle regular sequences until the body is ready for a more intense one. In this sort of situation it is better to concentrate on diet for the initial reduction in weight.

The best yoga Asanas for weight loss only work if they are done regularly and to an intense level. Only doing them once a week and not putting the mind and body into the session will have very little effect. For this to work it needs a little commitment.

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