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December 10, 2011 · Posted in Entertainment 

Camcorders became in recent years cheaper and therefore affordable for everyone. In this article I would like to tell you about basic features of camcorders. This way I want to help you find the best camcorder for you. A lot of camcorder manufacturers are increasing the number of camcorder models they manufacture. As in televisions the key difference between SD and high definition is the video resolution. The video you watch on your television or computer screen is made up of hundreds of different lines. Standard definition of a screen has got 480 lines. High definition video can have up to 1.080 lines. There are three main High definition camcorders come in different shapes, sizes and prices. You can buy cheap camcorders for under $300, professional camcorders for up to $1.700 and camcorders for every price in between. Today there are camcorders on the market that record video on many different formats. These formats are: MiniDV, mini-DVD, hard disk drives, flash memory and Blu-ray. High quality video is an advantage but it also presents a few challenges. One of the main probleme is where to store all the huge amount of data . When working with a large video file the video file will put more pressure on your computer. Some computers will play the video but slowly and with plenty of pauses. When you shop for a camcorder you are confronted with a long list of features. Some are straightforward and understandable and others not so much. In this post I want to help you learn all about the main features.

Feature: sensor. The image sensor is the thing that transforms the light coming through the lens into a digital signal. The signal then gets recorded.

Feature: media formats. Feature media formats refers to the type of media files that store your digital videos. Mainstream media formats are: flash memory and hard disk drive.

Feature: video formats. A camcorder’s video format refers to the digital file that will be created when recording. The type of file format impacts the quality of the video. It also impacts the way it will work on a computer. The most popular video files include: MPEG-2, H.264 and AVCHD.

Feature: frame rates. Video is nothing more than just a series of photographs taken one after another. The speed at which a camcorder captures still frames during recording is called the frame rate. Faster frame rates are useful for recording sports or for recording in slow motion.

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