Finding Cheap Airline Tickets

August 28, 2011 · Posted in Travel, Worldwide 

Travelling is fun experience especially when you can get air tickets at low cost. Even though, it could be an enjoyable experience to travel at low cost, it is difficult to find cheap airline tickets. However, with the help of internet, you have an option to find low rates and discount airfares. There are certain factors to consider while booking and buying tickets. However, it is not an impossible task to find low rates and discounts for airfares. This article will give you the basic information to look for tickets at low rates. It is about learning the secrets of the airline industry that could help you get them.

Airline Websites

The first and foremost step is to look in the website of the airlines to find cheap air tickets. If an airline company offers any reduction or discounts on the airfares, it will be mentioned in the website. Apart from that, you can even register on your frequent flyers website for notifications and latest reductions and discounts. This will make sure you get all the latest updates in your mail.

Advance Booking

Another method to find low rate airline tickets is to book in prior. This is the best method to get cheap tickets especially for international flights. The best time to book is 30 days prior to the departure date. For instance, $500 ticket can be bought for $200, booking 30 days prior to travelling date. The same reductions are available with domestic flights as well. If you cannot book 30 days prior, you can also have similar benefits with three weeks advance booking with most domestic and international flights.

Neighboring Airports

In order to find cheapest airfares and to save substantial money on your airfare, find a neighboring airport to your final destination. The flight charges to all airports aren’t same. It is affordable in most cases to travel to the nearest destined airport and catch a train or cab to your destination. Most of the airlines have high tariffs for busier and popular airports. There are online tools that help to find low rate air tickets between the destinations you intend to travel instead of dumping all results.

Weekdays Over Weekends

It is wise to travel during the weekdays than weekends. Most frequent travelers are unaware about the difference in flight charges between weekdays and weekends. If you intend to book your ticket in advance, it is wise to book for weekdays, as the cost will remain lesser than weekends. Numbers of passengers traveling during the weekends are much higher than in weekdays. This is why you get better deals and rates during weekdays.


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