Get Her Back By Not Being Too Nice

July 22, 2012 · Posted in Dating 

Are you still in love with your ex girlfriend? Is it the desire of your heart to win her over? Is it your dream to get her back? Even though you might think that being nice to her is the way to go, the truth is that you’re never going to get her back this way. I know you’re afraid that if you do something wrong that she is going to reject you even more but how much more can she really reject you, buddy? You need to stop being so nice!

I know that you love her and that it’s natural to want to be nice to the women that we love but things changed not too long ago, didn’t they? I know that you think that if you are nice to her that she can’t completely destroy you. I know your instincts tell you that this is the right thing to do but the complete opposite is true. Your mind is poisoned by your breakup and your fear, my friend. What you have right now isn’t a real relationship and it’s nothing worth pandering to her over.

What actually goes on when you are nice to your ex is that she will eventually feel repulsed by you. She will lose respect for you and your attention will have no value to her. Right now she’s probably feeling pretty great about the fact that you’re so nice to her. It is a huge boost to her ego and she doesn’t have to feel bad about ripping your heart from your chest and destroying your life. You’re cool with it and you’re actually being nice to her in spite of that fact. That must mean that she’s pretty awesome. Eventually though, you will grow annoying to her and she won’t need you anymore. Either she will feel superior to you or she will find someone else that she respects to fulfill her needs and you’ll be left in the dust.

You need to immediately stop talking to her. This is the beginning of you changing how she perceives you. At first she might think that you’re playing some sort of game but in time she will realize that she messed up. She pushed away one of the nicest guys she ever knew. In time she will chase after you and that won’t happen if you’re continually chasing after her, looking for her approval and friendship while hoping that it will turn into love again.

It might be tough for you at first to get into this mindset but here are a couple of secrets that will get you moving along that path. Think about what you have been through and what she has done and get angry. If you start missing her and long to hear her voice, get yourself good and angry before you pick up that phone. Think about the fact that she isn’t even really a friend of yours because friends don’t do this sort of stuff to each other. She left you. She was the one that ended your relationship. You are not some pathetic person that chases after people begging them to be your friend. People like you and they want to be your friend. Once you start feeling some righteous anger you can be sure that you’re starting to feel better about yourself.

Know in your heart that all of this is just something that you need to do for yourself. You want her to love you. You don’t want to be some guy that she knows who has to endure the pain of seeing her happy with some other guy. It’s time to take action and rebuild your life in such a manner that any woman would love to be with you. You choose her and in time she will choose you. Being nice and letting her treat you in a way that she wouldn’t even treat a friend simply isn’t going to make her fall in love with you again. Wait until she comes sniffing around wondering what’s going on in your life. Then you will have the power in the relationship and you might even notice that your kindness was actually your downfall in your relationship. Standing up for yourself might be the best thing that you ever did to get her back.

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