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June 13, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement 

We all want the perfect lawn. It is not as difficult as you think. The right planning and these five tips can help you get the lawn you want. All grasses need the same things; fertilizer, water, sunlight and a weed-free environment. Start in the fall or early spring with proper testing. Also make sure to check your specific type of grass for special growing requirements and use these tips and get ready for a great lawn.

Test Your Soil: All grasses need food to live. They also need the right conditions. Performing the proper testing and fertilization are keys to a lush lawn. The right pH levels and levels of nitrogen and other trace elements are the most crucial. All garden stores carry an inexpensive testing kit that gives you a basic measure of these nutrients. However, these are generally inaccurate and provide little in the way of help fixing any deficiencies. Instead try a local university. Most provide a detailed analysis of soil, highlight deficiencies with exactly how to fix them.

Mowing: Every type of grass has different needs and grows at different rates. In general, however, mowing your lawn too short is a bad idea. It weakens the plant itself as it struggles to grab capture sunlight for photosynthesis. It also allows weeds to take purchase by allowing sunlight to penetrate to the soil. Try to keep your lawn at a height of three to four inches during peak growing season. Also ensure your lawnmower blade is sharp. A dull blade will damage grass rather than cut it, slows growth and invites disease by weakening the plant.

Lawn Fertilizer: In addition to preseason testing and fertilization the end of the growing season is key. As grasses begin to overwinter the roots require increased levels of potassium. This allows them to remain strong during the winter months and emerge sooner and stronger as a result. “Ensure you do not over-fertilize your lawn as it can be severely damaging and cause burns and even plant death,” advises Nate Merchant who performs Morris County Landscape Design. Always reference and follow strict instructions and guidelines.

Watering: All grasses have different watering requirements. Warm weather grasses are dormant during the fall and require very little water, if any. Cool grasses do require a weekly watering. You should avoid light watering to allow roots to penetrate deeply into the soil and strengthen the plant. Shallow, frequent watering is bad for your lawn as the roots get what they need close to the surface. Any new seed should remain damp until the roots have properly taken. Also avoid watering at the hottest part of the day. This will burn your lawn as the water droplets act like magnifying glasses. Instead, water early in the morning. This will allow the grass to dry before the sun hits it.

Bugs and Disease: Even well maintained lawns can become victim to pests or disease. Monitor your lawn for any discoloration or other obvious problems. At the first sign of a problem take action. Disease can spread very quickly. Visit a garden store or talk to a landscaper at the first notice of any issues. Keeping weeds at bay is an easy way to reduce the likelihood of pest infestation. Try an organic herbicide if possible which can be applied in the spring or fall to kill emerging weeds.

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