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February 15, 2012 · Posted in Business 

To get and stay at the forefront of the business race, these days it’s imperative that you get acquainted with social networking sites like Facebook, and learn how you can start using them to help your business thrive. There are several reasons to market your business on Facebook, but probably the most compelling one is the fact that more Facebook user will re-visit pages of which they are a fan than any other social networking site. That kind of loyalty is a key ingredient in any successful marketing plan.

That’s great news for you as a business owner and should compel you to give Facebook marketing a fair shot. Essentially, what the whole process comes down to is one thing: learning what is necessary to promote your Facebook page. The more successful you can be in that, the wider the audience you’ll reach and the more money you’ll make.

People love prizes and discounts. To entice people to join your Facebook page, it can be very effective to offer some sort of “extra” just for joining, whether it’s a prize, a coupon, a discount or some other bonus. Give it a shot!

Never forget that the goal of using Facebook as a marketing tool is to make money, but to do that you’ll need to ensure you are creating a solid marketing plan that is based on what your fans say they need and want, what they like and dislike. Pay close attention to the feedback you get from your fans; that’s your most valuable source of the information that will help you create a strong marketing plan.

But before you rush off in search of fans, any fans, there’s something else you need to know. It’s important to narrow your search to include only those fans that have something in common with your business. Put another way, target those fans that will be likely to buy your product. How do you do that? Think about what kind of people will be likely to buy what you are selling. Is it important that they be based in the same geographical area as you? Or is your target customer of a certain age? Do they work in a certain industry? Taking the time to outline those criteria up front is a great way to ensure you don’t waste time and resource later on trying to sell your product to people with no interest in buying them.

The good news is that there are many Facebook tools available that will help you with your Facebook marketing campaign. You can send messages, post videos, and post all kinds of information to your page that will help you stay connected with your fans in variety of ways. That’s important because the more ways you can stay connected the more you’ll become entrenched in your fans’ minds. That’s a very important element in staying top of mind. Without that, you’ll never be successful.

To really learn the Facebook marketing ropes, get help from social media marketing experts They’ll give you what you need to make a splash on the Facebook scene!

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