Good Advice To Use Before Hiring A Handyman

February 17, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement 

At times you need the expertise of a hanydman in order to get maintenance or other chores around the house over and done with. You need to know, however, that they’ve got differing skill sets. Odd jobs, such as raking leaves, or undertaking yard work, are only a number of the jobs a handyman can do. Their skill sets might include minor home improvement or maintenace jobs, such as painting.

When you require a handyman, it is advisable to consult more than one. Before anything else, you need to make a list of everything you need done, in detail. Quite a few handymen will be unable to do all the jobs on your list. The typical handyman focuses on jobs that are quick to complete, possibly even jobs that he can do on an ad-hoc basis. Remember that a handyman who is skilled at many tasks may charge more than one who focusses on just one type of job. If your job calls for simply a painter, then it will more than likely cost you more to hire someone who also has expertize in, say, tiling and woodworking.

When there are many people looking for work, it will be possible to save money if you select the one whose skills best match what you want done. It is best to request details about the tasks they have done in the past, and to ask them to provide references from previous customers. Often one hears people talk about brazen theft, or shoddy work, amongst other things, with regards to handymen. Affirming that your handyman is honest and respected suggests you will get a job well done. Private recommendations, from satisfied customers who have utilized someone in the past, are your best route for finding a worker you will be happy with. Question all your friends, your family and your neighbors about someone you are considering hiring, and make sure you hear only good things.

You should insist on a written estimate , which shows the full and complete price, as well as the date of completion. Getting only a spoken estimate may result in some unexpected costs by an unscrupulous handyman, who often add a list of extra charges. You should know the up front costs, and anything that can happen to add in more costs. For your personal protection, get everything in writing. Your handyman will most likely be a little more trustworthy, when he will put everything down on paper. Any person reluctant to do this, must not be hired, unless you have known them for a long time.

It really is more important for larger jobs, but be sure that they can prove they have liability insurance that is valid. You want to be sure that cover is furnished for any possible damage. With lesser projects, obviously, it is not so important. A valid reason for hiring a handyman is to knock over a bunch of small jobs that have accrued over time. Be totally certain of his history of honesty, though, because he will have entry to your house while working there.

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