Graduation Gowns: A Tradition Of Education As well as Success

July 19, 2012 · Posted in Education 

As early as the 12th century, formal education has been founded. The great impact of the church has rooted comparable customs into the educational system. One of which is the tradition of wearing gowns that are equivalent to the black graduation gowns that are used these days. The long and wealthy custom of the church and also the educational system has marked substantial times in history. It’s revered to be a tradition of education as well as success. Education in itself is wealth and a lot of people see success as and education in itself. Thus, these two pillars come along with each other. In fact, a graduation is a ceremony which celebrates a wealthy and rich education and wisdom of each and every graduate.

There are distinct kinds of graduation gowns which are used depending on the degree or level of education which an individual has achieved. There are specific features which indicate higher understanding like the style of the gown, length of the hood, color of the lining along with other accessories which includes the tassel, graduation stoles as well as cords. Each of these graduation pieces has a strong value of their own within the educational system. Each has its own worth that it holds for a specific graduate. [I:]

A bachelor’s gown is fairly similar with the master’s. They are different in sleeve type, though. The sleeves of a bachelor’s gown are generally square or pointed at the wrist. On the other hand, a master’s gown has oblong sleeves and it hangs down at the rear portion. The bachelor’s gown is also fashioned to be used closed. The master’s can either be worn closed or open. The bachelor’s does not require a hood while the master’s does. The hood distinguishes the specific degree of the graduate. This too distinguishes the school from where the graduate has obtained the degree. There are different colors that are set for a particular degree. Some of these colors comprise of white for Arts, olive for Pharmacy, silver for Speech, gray for Veterinary Science, purple for Law, brown for Fine Arts, copper for Economics, orange for Civil Engineering among others.

The doctoral gown on one hand has much more complex designs in comparison with the bachelor’s and master’s. The typical doctoral gown is color black. Nowadays, a number of doctoral gowns make use of the color of the school rather than the standard black. This type of gown has bell sleeves. Additionally, it has 3 velvet bands on the sleeves. They’re made to be used either open or closed. Open gowns show the necktie of guys. The clothes worn beneath the gown is usually a dark suit for men as well as a classy dress for ladies. The dress must not be short and also it has to be with an ideal cut and design. The hood of the gown is longer than the bachelor’s and master’s. The hood likewise stands for the particular discipline or field of study obtained. The velvet edge signifies this. The satin part of the hood signifies the color of the school.

The graduation gowns are the symbols of the earned wisdom and success of every graduate. It is a pride for each and every graduate to wear them as they receive their honors as well as diploma. The custom of properly putting on these apparel continuously live on and the meaning continues to fire inspiration to each and every graduate.

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