Graduation Gowns And How They Vary From One Educational Level To Another

June 18, 2012 · Posted in Education 

The graduation customs observed through the different educational levels differ. There are differences in the style, color, size and design based on the educational level, degree obtained and also the school where the degree was attained. These differences are apparent in every university or college around the world. In reality, there are also some countries where the standard graduation gowns are not worn for the ceremony.

As an alternative, you could find the graduates wearing their national dress. Being aware of the differences in the graduation apparel used by the graduates from different educational levels is actually a good idea. This could help you get familiarized with all the suitable graduation apparel and let you truly appreciate the ceremony much better. [I:]

The gown used by a graduating student with a bachelor degree is typically the classic black. Even though there might be gowns that are available in other colors, the conventional black is commonly used. The gown can also be used closed in the front and the sleeves are pointed. The hood isn’t a required accessory. Nonetheless, some schools use this to represent the degree attained and also the school from where the degree was completed. The cap can also be used by graduating students with a bachelor degree. The mortarboard cap is usually used. This comes with a tassel that is of the same color as the cap. It’s generally black but some may stick with the school’s color or the particular color which stands for the degree obtained.

The white graduation gowns for a master degree graduate has oblong sleeves that are arched at the wrist. The sleeves’ bottom is also distinctly square cut. The gown may be worn either open or closed. It has fasteners made suitably if it is actually used closed. The mortarboard cap is also the generally worn cap for this level. Additionally, it comes with a tassel that’s generally black or it is dependent upon the color of the cap itself. Likewise with the bachelor level, the hood could either be used or not depending on the rules of the school.

The doctoral level graduation gowns are a lot more elaborate when compared to the rest. The color of the velvet trim and satin lining has their very own symbolisms. The velvet trim color signifies the specific degree of the graduate. On the other hand, the satin lining indicates the color of the school. The mortarboard cap or the tam is generally worn during this ceremony. The rule on the option of the cap is specified by the school. Some other accessories included are the stoles, tassels, cords. The stoles may be custom-made particularly for members of known school organizations, clubs and also fraternities or sororities. The tassel is attached to the cap and hangs on the right side of the cap. It is turned to the other side during the ceremony to signify that they are officially graduates.

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