Great Item And Excellent Support – Olympus Underwater Digital Camera Review

January 14, 2012 · Posted in Photography 

It’s a little slow at navigating the different scenes and functions, but it’s been improving with time. I love how I can drop this camera (super clumsy) and know it will be okay!

This camera has got to be the most unintuitive point and shoot I’ve ever seen or used. I don’t even care about the image quality, even if it were outstanding, the interface and poor design would steer me away. We took it in the pool the next day and noticed it had water in the battery compartment, even with the latch set to lock. Luckily we went back to the room and I had one day left to request a return with Amazon, and since it’s defective they paid the return shipping.

Most of the pictures come blurry and the color of the pictures is greyish. The flash is very poor. The down load of photos and movies was difficult and would not mate with the PC documents files. The battery time was OK and the photos were good. With much research and review reading, we decided to get this camera. Over the past month it has performed just as good, if not better than our old one. It survived a fall off the car hood @ 20 mph and worked. So I was excited to upgrade to this model for a recent Honduras trip. My husband hands it to me and it is extremely warm. I try to shut it off and it won’t shut off. The camera work wonderfully. I took it snorkeling twice and love the pictures and video I got. Those who rated 5 stars pointed to the 1 star reviewers and said they were not paying attention to the actual features, or ‘learning’ how to use it properly. Within 10 minutes of just ‘playing around’ I found how to change turn off the immediate preview, and change the shutter speed from normal to ‘sequential’ to ‘high sequential’.

One common complaint – slow start-up time – can be easily fixed by following directions in the manual: Turn “PW on Start-up” to off, this will keep the camera from loading the logo and the camera is immediately ready for use. Another common complaint is the time it takes in order to shoot the next picture.

However, I needed a waterproof camera for work, and this ended up being the only one available immediately in town. I am glad it was. Their program you use on the computer is great too. So many awesome features! Otherwise, it is fantastic! If you follow the instructions, it is easy to use, with no leaking possible.

The 3000 had no lens protection, so it was inevitably getting dirt, dust, sand and water on the lens which really messes up your pictures. This camera fixed that with a lens cover that shoots over the lens when you turn the camera off; it feels sturdy and keeps the grime out.

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