Helsinki Travel Experience

August 28, 2011 · Posted in Europe, Travel 

Helsinki, the capital of Finland is unique in several ways. It is located at the tip of a peninsula. It lies between Moscow and Stockholm, and is surrounded by over 300 islands. It is known as the daughter of the Baltic.

It is a thinly populated city with no more than half a million people. The city appears stretched far and wide with small buildings and sparse population. Nevertheless, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the Europe.

As a visitor to Helsinki, you might like to visit the Temppeliaukio church that is a wonder in architecture. Tourists from far and wide come just to see this church. This church was quarried out of natural bedrock. The interior walls of this church are natural rock surfaces designed by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen, the architect siblings. The concerts held here regularly in the backdrop of natural surface is indeed an attractive sight.

The National Museum of Finland located in the central Helsinki offers an amazing collection of archaeological and ethnographic pieces right since the prehistoric times to the present. You will get complete information on Finland that will keep you mesmerized throughout your visit. The task of collection itself is historical for the process of collection for this museum has gone on for almost two centuries.

The annual Helsinki Festival beginning in the month of mid August to early September is yet another popular attraction with the tourists. A number dance and musical extravaganza is laid out throughout the festive period.

The Korkeasaari Zoo, one among the oldest might keep you spell bound with almost 200 different species of animals and about 1000 plant varieties. There are a number of endangered species among them.

The tourism department has made the task of visiting Helsinki much easier through Citysherpa, the tourism information service. They offer you volunteer guides, the residents of the city, that take you around and show various places.

You can find a number of hotels in Helsinki close to railway station, bus stop or in the market area. The hotel tariff varies from season to season and is priced low during the weekends compared to the working days. The hotel tariff for a three star accommodation per single room per night can vary between 85 to 108 Euros. A single room four star accommodation per night can cost between 108 to 132 Euros, while a similar five star accommodation can come for 120 to 166 Euros.


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