How Can I Sell My House Online Without An Agent?

February 8, 2012 · Posted in Real Estate 

Before there was a world wide web I didn’t have the option of selling my home online. For some reason that seems like ancient history now, and it seems particularly odd because now I sell nearly all of my homes online. Of course I usually several homes for sale at any one point in time, so understanding how to sell my home online is crucial for my business operations these days. Every investor is dependent on the internet to earn a living, for the most part. It is definitely the best way to buy and sell homes today.

Believe it or not, I’ve known investors who bought and then sold homes that they never even visited in person. Other people working for the investors inspected the homes and handled the closing documents. That’s not a practical scenario for normal homeowners who don’t have a team of helpers, and it’s for that very reason I encourage sellers to become involved in the process of selling their own homes. I am an investor and have my own team of assistants, but I also participate in the sale of my homes as well. Selling homes simply becomes a way of life for those of us who have made a career as a real estate investor. My number one method to make sales is to sell a house online.

Are you wondering how I reach out to people on the web? Basically, I have two different methods. The first one is using email to contact buyers I know, the ones on my list of other investors, buyers and sellers with whom I’ve worked in the past. Whenever I have a home for sale I do a bulk mailing and let everybody know about the property right away. Once in a while the system tells me that someone on my list wants to “opt out,” but most people are just curious and like to see what homes are for sale. Homeowners generally want to know about other homes for sale in order to make comparisons to their own home, primarily to stay current on housing prices. Anyone who is starting to think about buying another home, either as a new residence or as an investment property, will certainly read my emails thoroughly. Many of my bulk mailings include videos now, and that is a very popular innovation to help sell my home online.

And the second method I use to reach people online is posting on craigslist and ebay classifieds in my area. The majority of sellers are posting on those sites now, and buyers love it, so it’s a very effective way for buyers and sellers to meet up and talk about a home for sale. The postings have no cost to sellers, with the exception of a couple markets in the US, so there’s really no reason to hesitate posting your house for sale by owner.

Be sure you take note of the last sentence I wrote, “by owner.” It might surprise you to hear that phrase is the key to your success when you’re posting a real estate ad yourself. Craigslist requires a selection of either “by owner” or “by broker,” and you will select the first one because you are the homeowner. I guarantee that more buyers will click through to your posting and take a look at your photos and your description of the house for sale when you post by owner. Time and time again I enjoy a great advantage posting by owner when I sell my home online.

Never has it been easier to sell a house in Springfield than now. We offer a simple means home owners can use to sell a home without paying realtor fees or closing costs.


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