How Can Kids Make Money in Addition to their Allowances

December 21, 2011 · Posted in Family 

Some families will have their child collect a weekly allowance. This money is used to buy some of the extra things that a person may want. If there is a toy at the store, or an expensive outfit that they would like, they can save for it on their own. Teaching someone that kids make money around the house to earn more funds, could help them buy something sooner than expected.

Some older kids and teens desire some expensive items. They may want a pair of sneakers that cost a lot or an outfit. Asking parents frequently for expensive items can result in a lot of negative replies. As children age, they can find ways to create their own sense of funds. Chores can be created fro the child to engage in. These tasks could result in payment from the parents.

A dollar amount could be written down beside each task. As the child does each item, they can check off the job and begin to collect the funds they have earned. This can be a great way for someone to learn that doing work can pay off.

A job does not have to stay within the limits of the house. There may be lots of seasonal work that could be performed outside in the yard. Not only are these jobs useful for a family but also very helpful. The tasks could also be extended out to neighbors and friends, where shoveling snow and removing leaves off the lawn could be done.

Some people will take part in babysitting on the weekends or in the evenings. These jobs could be frequent or done as needed to earn some extra funds. A person may become popular with their neighbors and be able to make lots of extra cash for the purchases that they need.

When parents have children who earn their own funds, it can help them acquire some of the personal items that they may want. Some older kids and teenagers have expensive taste in clothes and shoes and buying these items on their own, can save parents time and money. As young people make cash on their own they can save up and buy the things that they want without having to ask their parents.

Start today to enhance your child’s financial future. Make it a responsibility with educating your children about money. Educate your child about money and see their financial responsibility grow. Kids Making Money


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