How Enjoying Life and the Great Outdoors Will Help You Get Energy

April 22, 2012 · Posted in Health 

For the person who feels like they are dragging, turning to the artificial alternatives – energy drinks or energy shots – may seem like the only option. There are numerous reasons to be skeptical about the safety of these choices, and with that in mind, I have found a fantastic and natural way to get that energy boost you need. What is it? Life and the great outdoors.

From a young age, you may have heard your parents and grandparents shout “Get outside and get some fresh air!” They were saying it for good reasons. Yes, they may have wanted you to get out of their hair, but they also knew it was good for you. Getting outside can be a great mood booster, and I have learned that being in a better mood gives you a great energy shot. Just taking a walk and relaxing your mind while engaging your body is one way to get energy and feel alive. Who needs an energy drink when you have the splendor of nature to appreciate?

Just getting off the couch is an energy boost on its own. I have heard so many people say (and I subscribe to this experience myself) that once they sit down, they feel tired. Dropping down on your sofa to watch hours of mind-numbing TV will probably leave you feeling sluggish, and you may even wake up and ponder how you fell asleep. Getting yourself outside to go for a walk, run, bike ride, or hike will get your heart rate up and your blood flowing, helping you to get energy and feel energized.

Another way the great outdoors will provide you a powerful energy boost? It’ll get you thinking about life and what’s important to you, and what motivates you to be better. With your mind lucid and feeling closer to nature, you’ll be able to more clearly figure out what your next steps in life will be. Knowing that you have a directed mindset and ways to get to where you want to be, and in turn will get energy and motivation to move forward.

So the next time you are feeling tired, step out your front door or drive somewhere peaceful outside where you can either get your blood pumping, or where you can sit and stare at something naturally beautiful. Without the help of coffee, an energy drink, or a soda, the great outdoors offers something for everyone and every level of fitness, giving you that energy boost you desire to wake up and feel refreshed.

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