How Marketing And Social Media Can Change Your Business, And Why You Should Consider Search Engine Marketing

January 9, 2012 · Posted in Web Promotion 

What do marketing and social media have to do with each other? And where does search engine marketing fit into this picture? Social media has erupted onto the stage, and since 2005 has become one of the most dominant forms of articulation in our modern era. Search engine marketing is also on the rise, since Google’s creation earlier on in the last decade the internet has changed drastically.

Today social media has blossomed into a new beast. A extravagant change such as the one we are beholding has not occurred within our country since the Industrial Revolution absolutely changed the landscape of the economics of the United States. It’s considered one of the most radical changes to have occurred in human history because of the speed of which this change had occurred. Since 2005, social media has grown so massive that if companies such as Facebook were to break off and become their own nations, it would rank as the third largest in the world.

The marketing field is also adjusting from the old ways, to new ways. The older ways denoted assigning ads in print media, and barking for space on cable television, and radio advertisements. While these mediums are still vital, the Internet is now the fourth medium. With the rapid, and unseen growth of the internet, the landscape is now changing, and it’s changing faster than most will be able to keep up with.

If you were to go to a marketing firm in the 1980′s, and even the 1990′s, and tell them that fairly soon the Internet is going to be the new place to do commerce, many people would laugh at you. If you were to tell them that there would be websites where people could associate with other people anywhere in the world, communicate, share stories, photos, likes and dislikes without ever needing a telephone line, or a fax machine, and all of it could be done instantly, they would send you to the looney bin with a straight jacket on. Well it’s here. It’s now, and anything is possible.

Avoid the trends at your own peril. To not be on the internet, to not have social media guide your company accords in some small part, to not be marketing on Google and other sites is to not be doing wise business. Take advantage of a tool, one of the greatest tools humanity had invented to make its life simpler. To not be taking advantage of something this great is to be ignorant of the world.

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