How To Build A Shed: Simple Steps To Follow!

July 8, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement 

Without having the detailed information regarding how to build a shed is really a difficult task to hang out with. So, first of all you need a proper guide plan which explains exactly what type of shed you want to build actually while staying in the budget. So, I will give you some of the guidelines to build a solid shed. Let’s suppose you want to build a storage shed, so here are some of the important steps to follow:

To construct the framework: The first thing in how to build a shed for storage is constructing the framework. Firstly, you need to excavate the location which will smooth the surface before starting the shed construction. After excavating the surface, put down cinderblocks which helps to support the entire shed framework. To select exact recommended sized posts you need to employ a basic compound miter saw. Afterwards, cut down the posts at forty-five degree angle and place these posts at the suitable areas across the cinderblocks.

Deck Construction: Once you have done with the positioning of the shed frame properly, the next step is to place the deck in vertical postion. Then, use the frame nailer in order to attach the deck with the frame. For the deck construction, set up the two main sidepieces of at least 9-ft each. As you have placed the beams in to their appropriate positions, you need to create 5/4 decking. And lastly, you have to hang up the borders of the shed frame by around half of an inch.

To develop shed walls: After the completion of the shed deck development, the next step is to outline the location of the shed for the actual perimeters. Divide that area in to studs, top plate, foundation plate and the sides. You can attach them all with the use of nail gun. In the end, align the wall panel in to adjacent panels and also decks in order to ensure that the walls surfaces are securely brought up. You can also use the slimmer panels for the shed door security.

Build up the framing: After the construction of wall framing, you need to incorporate the 2*4s all over the sheds’ top. This all would be placed in such a way that the result would be 1 that gives the improved structure of framing. As you positioned all panels then, suspend sheets.

Attachment of rooftop: After framing construction, you need to attach the rooftop of the shed. For this, you require 2*6 pieces of woods. These wood pieces would be of thirteen inches from the center and must be secured with cleats. Now you need to put up the roof rafters to place them to the headers. To hold the roof material, you can use strips.

Incorporating windows and siding: As you have done with the roof attachment, you need to create holes to incorporate windows and the recessed boxes. Try to use the reciprocated saw to decorate the sidings of the shed.

To finalize the shedding project: As you have done with the entire framework of shed building, the last step is to develop the pot plant seat, front doors, and store room cubbies. For the front door, you can use sheet of plywood which is separated into two halves. So, this is all about how to build a shed for storage. Have a try!

Are you looking for the valuable information regarding How To Build A Storage Shed? Then, no worries, here are some of the easy steps that you need to follow for the shed building such as framework building, to construct the deck, construction of walls, to build framing, rooftop attachment, incorporating windows and siding, and finalizing the shedding project. Visit for more details.


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