How To Deal With Wrongful Termination

July 9, 2012 · Posted in Education 

Companies let go of some employees for a number of reasons. Some are legitimate, such as misconduct or violation of company and public policies. Others are not and such are in breach of legal law as well as the employee rights. When facing the prospect of wrongful termination San Diego workers should always be prepared on how to handle it.

Firstly one will have to determine if they have been unfairly dismissed. Some unacceptable reasons for dismissal include gender, age racial and nationality discrimination, retaliation cases whereby an employee refuses to engage in unlawful acts, exercise their legal rights and refuses sexual advances. An employee should also not be fired because of medical leave and reporting of public policy violations by the employer.

After determining this, employee will then need to build a strong case. This implies that he will need to have all the necessary documents related to their termination at hand. They should also get a good lawyer as well as apply for unemployment insurance benefits as soon as possible.

An experienced lawyer will help give the employee good advice regarding their current situation. He will guide the employee in negotiating for a severance package as well as in evaluating the employment contract. On his part the affected employee can seek to find out who made the decision to fire him as well as gather all promises made by the employer for the case.

Choosing the right attorney for the case is equally important. The attorney should have experience in labor and employment laws. Such attorneys normally have a look beyond what the employers claim and investigate using all relevant documented evidence.

Just by knowing how to deal with Wrongful Termination San Diego people may find it little bit easy to overcome the stress of dismissal. It helps one avoid pitfalls that might make them lose the case or unemployment insurance benefits. Instead, the affected employee moves on and finds gainful employment with a company that understands their former situation.

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