How To Grow Olive Trees

January 9, 2012 · Posted in Hobbies 

How to grow olive trees for a beautiful landscape is a fun lesson to take. An olive tree can truly be a wonderful addition to your garden with its grayish green leaves. Once it reaches full maturity, it shouldn’t be much of a bother. Olive trees are very low maintenance when they are full grown.

Prior to starting, choose the type of olive tree that you’d like to grow. It is not adequate for you to know how to grow olive trees. You must know if you are growing the appropriate sort of tree. On the other hand, your efforts might end up futile.

When you know the type of tree that you will plant, choose whether you wish your olive trees cultivated straight in the ground or in a container. The climate really should play a huge role within your decision. If you reside in an area of which endures hot summer seasons and moderate winter nights that don’t go below -10 degrees Fahrenheit, then your olive tree should thrive good enough outdoors. You can opt to plant on the garden grounds.

An olive tree can reach up to 20 – 40 ft as well as its twigs can be able to spread to provide shade from the heat.

On the other hand, for people living in colder weather, it may be far more convenient to cultivate your olive tree in a pot. Don’t forget to select one of the shorter olive tree varieties though.

Another important lesson to know in learning how to grow olive trees is to position them correctly to maximize the nutrients they will receive from nature. In positioning your olive tree, make sure they get plenty of sunlight. For indoor trees, you must remember to keep them away from AC vents.

Furthermore, the soil have to be well depleted in order that it aren’t going to be water logged when the wet season arrive. Olive tree in pots would need a lot more sprinkling while those who are in ground must be well watered on the roots once a week.

Trim your olive trees as minimal as is possible throughout the first 4 years. Cutting very much could hamper its development. Throughout the fourth to sixth years of its life, shape it to the shape that you would like to keep up. A receptive vase design is encouraged, as it would set all of the limbs to receive ample sunlight. Keep pruning yearly if you want the olive fruits to ripen.

How to grow olive trees is a good journey to take and will teach you a lot about the basics of horticulture. In any form, plants and trees will always be a good addition to your house. After all, there is nothing like a healthy tree to provide fresh air for your family everyday.

This was essential information on how to grow olive trees and we have even more tips on growing olive trees.


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