How to Handle Horses Safely

January 14, 2012 · Posted in Sports 

Caring for a pony is a superb way to gain new talents and build a robust bond the animal. Nonetheless it is critical to practice safety protocols when handling your pony. There can be some hazards involved in handling horses. They are large animals which are extraordinarily robust, and can easily hurt you. That's why it is vital to have a understanding of these animals.

If you run into a horse that is owned by another person, you never need to feed them without the permission of the owner. You usually want to be certain you approach a pony from the side or the front, and never from the rear. Be sure to announce your presence. Approaching the horse from behind can make it become frightened, and if it kicks you in the head it might easily paralyze or kill you.

When caring for your pony, you need to make gentle movements. Never move quickly or run around horses, as they may become frightened or agitated. You also need to talk quietly around the horse and avoid making loud or weird noises. Always keep children and other pets like dogs in hand at all times. If you'd like to ride the pony, always wear the correct saddle shoe and a good helmet.

Like many animals, horses are the most dangerous when they're shocked. When they become shocked, the one thing they are involved with is survival, and anybody in their path will get hurt. The best way to avoid a situation like this is to realise what shocks horses, and how it's possible for you to avoid scaring them. Horses are herbivores, and have invariably been the target of predators.

Due to this, horses have developed the facility to easily spot potential predators. They're always alert, and their long necks and eyes help them in watching their environment at all points. When looking at a horse from a distance, it is really important to pay attention to its body language. When horses are frightened they will display up to three signs with their bodies.

The very first thing you want to watch for is a horse which suddenly freezes. This is a sign that it is scared. It freezes to be make it harder for predators to spot it, and will slowly look around in the direction of the distraction. A horse will also spin around or jump, and this is intended to injure potential predators. When cornered, a pony will fight, and its feet and hooves can be lethal. Always use caution when handling horses.

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