How to Improve Your Page Rankings with SEO Copywriting

February 23, 2012 · Posted in Communication 

Many people aren’t familiar with the term SEO copywriting, yet it is the most widely used marketing tool. Many online businesses and individuals all over the world use SEO copywriting to create content suitable for the search engines as well as the human reader. This is an art of writing that creates highly convincing yet creative copy that’s meant to serve many different purposes for that particular site. The first step in SEO copywriting is using the most appropriate keywords in order to rank better in search engines in your niche. These keywords could be from the name of the website the content is being created for, or it could be keywords related to content people may be searching for online. The most important formula for SEO copywriting success is using the right keywords in the right places. Ranking higher by Google and the other search engines requires that you get good at this practice. geld lenen

SEO copywriting requires you to focus on headings as one of the most important factors. Remember that people want clarity when they are looking for information online and if they can’t find it they will move on to the next site. We, as humans love reading headings, as they give us a fair idea of what we are reading without having to go through the whole content. Large search engines, like Google, use headings as a critical part of determining what a page is about because they understand this fact. hypothecaire lening

You must avoid using terms that make no sense and aren’t in context. Headings need to form an integral part of your content and thus be in context as well. Just the way in every business, the customer comes first even here the reader comes first. Don’t ignore your readers when trying to write content for the web.

You must bold words when needed – for what reason? By bolding words you attract people’s attention to them as they stand out of the rest of the text. Google understands this fact and they know how people will view bolded words. Because bolded text is essential to the human readership, Google has adopted it as an SEO element. The content that you write ultimately has to impress your target audience and as well as give the search engines what they need to rank the pages higher.

It’s best to always focus on aiming for meaty content. Don’t do the mistake of having copy that is less than 400 words in length. The more content you write, the better your site will be. In fact, as long as you’re offering valuable information, you should shoot for no less than 1,000 words per page.

All in all, SEO copywriting is a skill that takes some time and practice to master. When you know what you are doing, you will find it relatively easy to offer your readers the information they require while also making a good impression on the search engines.

If you stick to the rules, search engines will reward you for your hard work.

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