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July 23, 2012 · Posted in MLM 

Team Beach Body network marketing reps: Stop pestering friends and family about your opportunity.. Learn how 7-figure earners build huge businesses using tactics rarely taught at live events and on Team Beach Body webinars.

If you seek to become a top earner, you need a promotion strategy to implement because you’ll run out of friends and family to approach.

You have to learn how to market- like a REAL business!

Read the rest of this article to learn several strategies top 2% earners are using to build large and lucrative businesses:

- Make Yourself More Valuable

Most new Team Beach Body marketers focus too heavily on Team Beach Body, its comp plan, products, the management team, etc. So they lead with Team Beach Body’s products or the Team Beach Body opportunity in their marketing.

This approach is a HUGE mistake. No one on the Internet cares about your network marketing company, whether it’s Team Beach Body or another company. These people are NOT looking for a network marketing company – even if it’s one you believe in such as Team Beach Body!

On the Internet, your target market is network marketers who have not experienced success yet. Your prospects are looking to find a coach/trusted mentor who can show them the way. The network marketing company this leader promotes is secondary.

You absolutely must position yourself as a coach/trusted advisor who can help your prospects succeed in their home based business. To position yourself in the marketplace as a trusted guide, teach your prospects tips and tactics vital to their business success.

If you’re thinking, But I don’t have anything to teach, then you must learn new strategies and tactics. Buy training courses, subscribe to membership websites, and attend live events so you are learning new skills regularly. You don’t need to master EVERY aspect of marketing.

Choose ONE strategy, such as how to generate leads on Facebook, or how to prospect people into your Team Beach Body business over the phone, or another useful business skill and you can differentiate as someone highly skilled at this ONE thing. When you start teaching, your prospects will see you as the leader they want to follow. On the front end of your business, don’t pitch your Team Beach Body opportunity, instead teach the skill you’ve been mastering.

- Develop Your Mentality

Marketers in companies like Team Beach Body focus on tactics too much. They don’t devote enough time and effort to adopting the right mindset. Skills such as recruiting and sponsoring do make a difference. But there is another area that’s far more critical to your Team Beach Body success.

What matters more than tactics and skills is your mindset and beliefs. You are going to have to acquire new habits of thought and new habitual emotions in order to thrive in Team Beach Body.

Your habits must be congruent with success. Habits don’t require you to try very hard. You do it on autopilot. Make your Team Beach Body business tasks a habit. Build your business five to six times per week.

Cultivate the mindset to conquer all challenges. It’s more difficult to succeed as an entrepreneur than you might realize. Buy personal development courses and attend life-changing workshops.

- Increase The Income You Derive From Each Customer

It is far easier, faster and cheaper to sell to customers you already have than to go and attract new customers. Rather than focusing totally on pitching your Team Beach Body business, sell affiliate products to them also

Affiliate products are educational courses, e-books and marketing tools that help network marketers grow their businesses. You should earn an average $20-$100 commission per sale of each affiliate product. There are many advantages to selling affiliate products:

- You earn more income from each Team Beach Body rep

- Deeper customer relationships, because each product you sell your customers delivers more value to them, and they associate that value with you

- Easier future sales because customers happy with the other products you recommended will be likely to buy others that you recommend in the future

Another strategy to generate the most income from each customer is to sell more expensive items to each customer. Most reputable multi-level marketing businesses such as Team Beach Body have a startup price of $200-$500 and pay a sign-up bonus of $50-$100.

If you simply promote your Team Beach Body business as well as affiliate products, you’re earning far less than you could. Promoting a high ticket course or live event that pays a commission of about $800 or more per sale is an absolute must if you really want to maximize your income.

Network marketers have two basic ways to add a higher priced item to their business: First, you can offer your high ticket course or event to those you sponsor into Team Beach Body.

Second, there exist top tier direct sales opportunities that pay commissions of $800 or more. You could promote one of these high ticket opportunities IN PLACE Team Beach Body. Virtually all top network marketers who market mostly online promote a top tier direct sales opportunities that pay commissions of $800 or more and NOT a traditionally-priced network marketing program. Promoting a high ticket top tier opportunity allows you to earn a LOT more for the same amount of work as a typically-priced network marketing program such as Team Beach Body.

Eduardo Kooliantra has taught thousands of people how to grow businesses like Team Beach Body. Visit his website to learn tips to benefit your Team Beach Body Products business.


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