How To Make Your Articles Truly Unique

July 18, 2012 · Posted in Business 

Article marketing can be fun and profitable, but a lot of people are easily fooled into thinking it is easy to do. Nothing replaces solid knowledge of what works and what needs to be done. You have to think about everything involved; from the article, resource or bio box, site your article is on, and finally to your landing page. So for example, if readers are clicking the link in your bio box, then the problem could be your landing page. Today we will talk about several techniques that will produce content, including articles, that will pack a stronger punch.

A high percentage of people will write an article or blog post, publish it on their site or blog and leave it there. The smart alternative is to think outside the confines of your site which means other sites you have not dealt with. You probably know that there are magazines on the web that are published for online users.

Simply apply or create an account and give them unique articles that are not published anywhere else. Not only will more people be seeing your content, but it makes you look more authoritative. Too often, article marketers don’t make the most out of their articles; once an article is published, they don’t get any lasting leverage out of it. Doing this only puts you at the mercy of chance -who happens to see your article at any given time. If you take more substantial and consistent action with your articles, you can achieve much better results. Search for high traffic and well regarded blogs and websites in your niche. Ask some of these bloggers and site owners if you could send them some content that they might like to publish. This will work better if you have a portfolio of quality articles to show them, but most people will be open to at least considering such an offer.These same approaches are often used by people seeking MLM Success

Let’s take a look at finding ideas to write about, and that is something that many new people find challenging. What you will do is some researching at good sites using your keyword phrases. How about going to eBay or because you know they have tons of topics. You should have done some keyword research, and that is another source of ideas. As you can see, using these sites plus your list will keep you busy writing content for a long time.

Gaining targeted visitors is the deal here, so your efforts need to be maximized all the way. An interesting point here is that none of these will work with bad content, and that just means the need for good content is critical. Avoid rushing through any of this because your content will suffer as it always does when you hurry.

You should make the effort to add even more to this because that is where the power really is with your business.

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