How to make your quotes and invoices look professional

December 1, 2011 · Posted in Business 

Did you know that poorly formatted quotations and invoices can easily create a bad impression on your cients? You may be surprised to learn that it is just as easy to make a great impression and develop trust in your business though professionally formatted invoices.

To issue professionally formatted invoices you need to focus on 3 important topics. If you put effort into getting these three basic points right you are well on the path to better billing. You firstly need to look at your invoices’ look and feel. How does the invoice look to your clients?

Next consider what fields are required to be shown on the quotations and invoices you create. Your invoice must contain correct data for it to be valid. Investigate which fields are required so your invoices are always legal.

And last is spelling. Now that you have your design and necessary fields decided you need to make sure that your content is right. The correctness of the data you populate your invoice fields with is crucial.

Lets look at each of these vital factors in more detail below:

Look and feel

Making your invoices to look professionally formatted is all about doing research and getting the right help. Look around for web-based systems or software that makes great looking quotes and invoices on your behalf. If you are attempting the do-it-yourself route investigate proper invoice layout and make sure that the invoices you generate are in line with these.

Important data

Whether you are making tax or non-tax invoices it is key to have all necessary fields present on the quote or invoice. If you are issuing tax invoices double check your local tax rules to ensure that all legally required information appears.


Always pay attention to spelling and grammar on quotes and invoices. This type of attention to detail gives a good image to your clients. The worst error in invoice making is getting your client’s name or business name wrong. Always checking this data takes a matter of seconds, but the payoff can be creating a loyal client for life. So if possible do your best to check your quotes and invoices are free from spelling errors.

Take notice of the advice in this article and find out how they will benefit your business. Apply them in your day to day operations and your business will experience the rewards.

Susan Bapsnill is an acclaimed business management expert who recommends using a professional online invoicing system or subscription billing system to create professionally formatted online invoices.


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