How To Pick The Correct Toothbrush Holder

March 20, 2012 · Posted in Health 

Every modern bathroom is packed with a variety of accessories, each item designed to enhance the overall ambiance of the room, each item necessary in its own way, none more so than the oft overlooked, never appreciated, toothbrush holder While generally regarded more for its general practicality than its aesthetic appeal, it is nonetheless a crucial fixture in most modern bathrooms. Unfortunately, in interior design, as it is in life in general, there are no simple choices; selecting a version of even the most basic bathroom item is a complicated process that mandates the evaluation of numerous attributes.

Material Options

When deciding on what they want their tooth brush holder to be manufactured out of, most shoppers are interested primarily with how it will look in their bathroom and how well it will hold up during repeated use. The color, shape, and general size of the item are almost always going to be limited primarily by the color scheme and stylistic concept of the bathroom itself. On the other hand, functionality is measured by the ability of the construction material to resist the absorption and proliferation of bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms.

Ultimately, ceramic, plastic, and chrome are the only material choices that provide the consumer with the correct amount of stylistic versatility while simultaneously offering resistance to the growth and transmission of harmful organic agents. Chrome is aesthetically unobtrusive, blending seamlessly with any existing stylistic theme, while plastic and ceramic are available in virtually any color option that may be required. The difficulty in stopping the growth of harmful microorganisms and the collection of dirt on surfaces such as wood or rubber has led to their falling out of favor as a manufacturing material.

Wall Attachment Or Counter Resting Holder

Attachment of the toothbrush holder is usually done by a suction cup stuck to the back of the unit, by sticking the unit to the wall with specially designed glue, or by screwing the unit into a stud located in the wall itself. Obviously, the benefits of each method are related to how easy it is to get off of the wall in the future versus how likely it is to just randomly fall off. If nothing else, each of the three mounting styles allows air to move unimpeded across the entire surface of the toothbrush; a dry toothbrush does not support the formation of mold, fungus, or germs in general.

Whether it is just a cup or something equally as easy to make, a standing toothbrush holder appeals to many consumers based on cost and simplicity. Unfortunately, water will often accumulate in the bottom of the traditional holder which makes it extremely easy for mold and fungus to form and grow. Further, just like a cup that is left on the wooden surface of a table will eventually leave a ring behind, a standing holder will eventually have the same result on the material that it is sitting on.

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