How To Raise Cattle For Beef – 4 Fundamental Tips That Cattle Farmers Ought to Know

July 17, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Raising cattle for beef differs from raising cattle for dairy products. Every type of cattle has its personal distinctive specifications for rearing. There are some important concerns on how to raise cattle for beef; the same is accurate in raising dairy cattle. The next are a few from the most significant considerations on how to raise cattle for beef:

1.) Select a Beef Cattle Breed – Because raising cattle is done for its meat, it is only all-natural to decide on a cattle breed which are very best known for its beef quality. There are actually a huge selection of meat cattle breeds, every one creates a different high quality of meat products. A few of the breeds known for the quality of its meat include Angus, Shorthorn, Wagyu, and Hereford cattle.

2.) Manufacturing Method – There are many beef productions systems that are adopted by meat cattle farmers. These methods, outlined below, are essentially categorized based on the life stage the cattle are reared for beef production. Farmers can concentrate on a single system or a combination of some, based around the goals initially set.

a. Cow-Calf System – Focuses on the manufacturing and promoting of calves from the herd of meat cattle.

b. Seed Inventory System – Extensively uses artificial insemination to provide bulls and heifers as supplies for cow-calf method.

c. Stocker Method – Purchasing of weaned lightweight calves from a producer of meat cattle calves and then raising the calves till they attain a certain weight ready for selling.

d. Feeding System – Concentrates on feeding to produce cows which are ready for the market.

3.) Facilities – An important on how to raise cattle for beef are facilities such as housing, fencing and dealing with. A significant sum of money ought to be allotted to those facilities.

a. Housing – Cattle does not need sophisticated housings; a stall or an enclosure would suffice. Just as long because the housing allows protection from harsh winds as well as other inclement weather conditions, it’s great. Nevertheless, it ought to be noted that each cow should have sufficient dry area to occupy. Grazing pasture ought to also be adequate. To ensure healthy circumstances, housing must be kept dry and clean.

b. Fencing – Fences alongside the boundary of the farm are necessary to keep the animals from going astray. Be sure to build fences that are durable and can last for a long time. There are really standards on how fences should be constructed for cattle farming; it might be wise to seek advice from these requirements.

c. Handling – Another important on how to raise cattle for beef is the building of dealing with facilities. These amenities ensure security for both the animals and the handlers/farmers. Dealing with amenities can aid with regards to sorting, vaccination, loading, breeding, and/or other animal husbandry procedures. Dealing with amenities is often as easy like a keeping pen with the alleyway top to a gate to facilitate and organize the movement of cows.

4.) Feeding – Feeding constitutes one of the biggest costs when raising beef cattle, representing nearly 70% of the production cost. It’s self-explanatory on why you need to offer only the highest high quality feeds for elevating wholesome cows. Cattles raised for his or her meat generally have their diet plan composed of pastures and saved forages such as hays, baleage, and silage. Nevertheless, supplemental feeding of grains as well as other unique feeds ensures higher quality meat.

Rearing cattle is a rewarding job to complete; frequently full of demands and hard work but nevertheless pleasant. It is most satisfying to see all of the hard work compensated off when earnings from selling come in. For this to occur, make sure to apply the thought on how to raise cattle for beef outlined over.

Learning about raising cattle for meat can really improve the quality of your life. Arm yourself with enough knowledge on the subject so you’ll be one of the many success stories of the industry. Just acquire more vital tips and go to:


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