How to select your pine skirting boards

June 27, 2012 · Posted in Family 

If you are going to be buying some skirting boards there are a few things you need to know. You need to know a couple of things before you ever even set foot in the store to try and buy your skirting boards.

One of your first decisions is about the type of material you want for your skirting boards. Usually people choose pine skirting boards for a few different reasons. Pine is usually chosen because it is far less expensive than other materials. Pine is often less expensive than most other woods and so the skirting boards made of pine are usually less expensive than skirting boards made of other types of wood.

After cost, the most common reason people choose to use pine skirting boards is because they are really versatile. The versatility really comes from the fact that you can finish pine in so many different ways from staining to painting to applying a clear varnish to it.

The second most common reason that people choose to use pine skirting boards is because the great amount of flexibility they offer. When you work with pine you can choose to finish it any number of ways and that means you can use a wood stain on it or you can paint it or you can just put a clear varnish on it. After you know the type of boards you want to buy it will be time to actually go buy them.

You first want to make sure you can find some boards that don’t look like they are warped. You don’t want to try and install warped boards, so you really need to find straight ones.

Finding straight boards is only half of it, you’ll also need to look at each board more closely to see if there are other flaws. You need to spend the time looking at each individual board. You need to make sure there aren’t any cracks or scratches on the boards. Pay attention to any nicks that appear to be present in the wood.

Also, pine tends to have lots of knots in it so you if you don’t like knots you’ll need to pick your boards carefully to avoid those.

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