How to Spot the Best Deals among Koh Samui Hotels?

June 16, 2012 · Posted in Travel 

Thailand is attracting international tourists because of its verdant landscape and splendid beaches. Koh Samui is an unspoiled island, beckoning visitors to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea. The fact that the island has hotels in a wide budget range makes it a preferred tourist destination. From ultra luxury Samui hotels with 6-star facilities to those fitting the wallets of budget travelers and backpackers are present for tourists to take advantage of.

With so many hotels coming up in such short time, visitors to this beautiful island are the ultimate gainers. The high competition among the hotels has lead to drastic slashing of rates and unbelievable discounts. Here, it is possible to stay in a five-star Samui hotel for the rate of three-star accommodation. But selecting hotels after looking at the rates alone can be disastrous, as the quality may not be good enough.

There are two surefire methods of choosing a good hotel at the lowest tariff possible. The first one is booking rooms through an online agent. And, the second method is to book the hotel directly as a repeat guest. Koh Samui hotels offer huge discounts for repeat guests, if asked for the same. As the second option is available only to those who have visited the island earlier, online booking agents are the best bet for first-time visitors.

There are scores of hotel booking websites with numerous hotels listed in them. These sites also provide detailed information about their tariffs, discounts, images, facilities and even reviews written by past guests. The tariffs offered in these sites are the lowest, as hotels give them huge concessions for the enormous volume of booking they bring in. These rates are not given to even walk-in guests.

Even in these sites, the lowest tariff for Koh Samui hotels is offered when booking is done months in advance. Some of the sites even arrange transportation and tour packages for tourists. Using the sites not only gets you a steal deal, it also helps in planning the entire vacation.

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