How to Stop Your Dog From Begging At The Table with Obedience Training

June 16, 2012 · Posted in Family 

If your dog is begging at the table, consider giving yourself a smack on the hand. This is one situation where the owner is more to blame than the dog. Without even being aware, you have trained your dog to become a beggar. While this naughty behaviour isn’t precisely the worst thing that your dog could do, it is upsetting. It may also progress to stealing food when you aren't looking.

In this scenario, canine training concentrates on un-conditioning your pal. With a little patience undoing this behaviour is simple. Understand that your dog is galvanized by food. The drive to eat is a powerful instinct. This is why dog obedience trainers so frequently use treat rewards. It exploits an evolutionary urge. Since the dawn of history, humans have been proven to be a reliable source for obtaining food.

It usually begins innocently enough: your dog asks for food and you give it to him. Over a period of time though, your dog learns this works. The behavior escalates as he knows that if he is persistent enough, he'll get his reward. And so , the monster is made. Some owners take the trail of least resistance and will feed their dog to stop the begging. It is frequently simpler than saying no thanks.

You can correct your dog from begging at the table using obedience training. You cannot capitulate to the behaviour or it will become even harder to start to break. The following advice will help even the most stubborn beggar if you apply them consistently.

- Set up a regimented schedule. Feed your dog at a set time every day. This establishes a foreseeable routine that your dog will learn to expect.

- Constrain your dog during dinner times to a crate or another room. This is a great time to give him his evening meal. You are eliminating the enticement.

- Establish a “will work for food” policy in your home. Using obedience coaching, offer treats as a reward. Don't give them readily; make your dog earn them.

- Never punish your dog for begging. He won't understand why he is being corrected.

Begging is easily corrected utilising the systems discussed above. A well-behaved dog is a dog that understands his boundaries. Be consistent and firm. In virtually no time, you'll find that your bushy friend’s manners have improved.

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