Husqvarna 455 Review

February 29, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Quick overview:

The 455 is included with X-Torq engine engineering that helps cut down on emission levels by 60 percent as well as gas intake by 20 percent. Air filter cleanup and replacement is quick and simple. With lower danger of engine flooding start-up is simple and effortless. The centrifugal air cleaning system prevents dust and debris from getting into the air filter resulting in more engine life and bare minimum air filter cleanings.


Landowners or homeowners who would like their lesser cutting to be completed by a robust and sturdy chainsaw will find the 455 a very reactive machine that will take on any sort of cutting. The 455 possesses the top quality qualities of the earlier 450 along with brand new ergonomics and technology.


The gas driven Husqvarna 455 chainsaw has a 20″ blade and the 2 stroke engine displaces 56CC of power. For safeness from injury and comfortable use the machine possesses dual action chain brake and LowVib. The 455 also offers an air injection system and Smart Start function for stress free starting. Weighing at only 12 LB it is lightweight and could be carried along easily.


Operation and maintenance is easy which in turn makes the 455 a great saw. With uncomplicated admittance to components like air filter, spark plug and clutch housing, you wont find virtually any difficulty in cleaning and maintaining the unit. Start-up is painless as well and you will certainly hardly require the pressure valve. Most 2 stroke engines come across engine flooding due to trying to warm with the choke.

To conform to EPA guidelines the low/hi mixture settings have been restricted yet you can optimize the settings by taking away the controls if lean setup stops you getting the work accomplished. Even so setting optimization will certainly make the warranty inoperative. Be careful while optimizing the settings. For recurrent users exclusion of EPA limiters gets necessary. The general functionality is excellent. If you want chainsaws for weightier applications than the chisel style chains of the 455 work seriously well. Usually these kinds of chains put the user in danger of getting a kickback but the Husqvarna 455, with the dual action chain brake lowers that chance. Nonetheless, if you prefer you can switch over to low-kick back chains. These are accessible with any seller.

The 455 has lots of power in addition to applications and if it is your very first purchase then you can get tips and ideas from dealers for the best possible use of this device. You can invest a lot of hours with the 455 and it works well even at high altitudes. You can even cut trees of 12 to 24 inch in diameter but after you are done with you have to file the teeth of the saw and it becomes good as new again. Tinkering with the carburetor becomes fairly simple once you get accustomed to it. Even if the setting is adjusted to rich it will not impact emission. Overall the 455 is a good saw that cuts through weighty, dense wood with ease and you can anticipate many good years of service from it.

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