Illinois Criminal Records Now Easily Access Online

March 11, 2012 · Posted in Computers 

The Implementation of the Uniform Conviction Information Act in 1991 has made criminal records in the state of Illinois to be accessible by the public. The state repository under the police department in the Bureau of Identification manages the Illinois criminal records.

In Illinois, criminal records are being accessed by those who feel that a suspicious person is working with them. Because of the increasing crimes happening inside and outside of any company, employers now conduct a random check on the people who work for them. By doing this, possible problems that may arise in the future can be prevented. Concerned neighbors even check out the people who live next door to ensure that they are in a safe environment. There are some who would also check the records of their tutors, nannies, caretakers and even gardeners.

The convicted person’s name is the basic information that you can see in a criminal record in the state of Illinois. Other details about the physical appearance of the person is included on the record such as the height, weight, hair and eye color, gender, birth date and the race. Details about the person’s case are the major information you can find. The case number, the conviction status, date of crime, arrest information and the lawyer’s information are just some of the information that you can find in the document.

The retrieval of a criminal record would only cost $16 in the state of Illinois. The criminal record of a convicted individual can only be viewed by the person himself or authorized personnel and any members of the government agencies. When an individual request their own criminal record at any law enforcing agency, it doesn’t incur any cost at all.

The police department keeps the criminal files of an individual in the state of Illinois. To request for a copy of it, one has to get the form from the office of the Bureau of Identification. The records are also available at the state’s Department of Corrections. It can also be requested from any government bodies in Illinois. One of the preferred methods by many is the use of the Internet. It is very convenient and easy to use.

Searching for a criminal record using the Internet can be effortless and very convenient. One can do a free criminal record search on a free website. Unfortunately the results given by such websites are very limited and can sometimes be erroneous. Paid websites give out the most accurate and complete result since the database they search on are coming from a lot of servers from private and public sources. Such websites also offer a refund policy for records that are not found in any database.

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