Important Facts About Academic Regalia Which Will Give You Self-confidence Wearing Them

July 26, 2012 · Posted in Education 

Realizing what your graduation means to you is actually a good value which you, as a student, must hold. A definite knowledge of this can provide you with a deep feeling of realization of your real work, perseverance and heart that you have given to your educational endeavors. It becomes a big part of you that you can carry as you grow professionally. In fact, it is in this understanding of your educational achievement that you start looking at opportunities to help you come up higher. The faculty regalia is amongst the most significant representations of your academic achievement. This really is why graduating students spend more time and effort to get the very best one for them to wear on this special day. [I:]

A brief history

Formal education essentially began in Europe as early as the 12th century. The medieval universities throughout those times required their students to wear the academic regalia all throughout their collegiate years in school as uniform. It wasn’t mainly to distinguish any degree. Rather, it was worn as school uniform. This apparel was also worn by the church leaders and school officials during formal school activities. In fact, the design of the robes was intended for protection reasons from the weather in the area apart from its functions on the religious ceremonies.

The various types of academic regalia

Nowadays, the academic regalia is worn during graduation ceremonies though there still exists some renowned universities that use them as uniform. The regalia is used to distinguish the certain degree and rank of graduates. The apparel also differs in style and color based on the degree and educational attainment of a graduate.

The three educational levels consist of of the bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. During the early centuries, the academic regalia was reserved only for the master’s since the doctorate degree was not yet established. The bachelor’s regalia does not require a hood although in some schools, they mandate their graduates to wear one. The master’s gown needs a hood and the color of the satin and the trim depends upon the degree and additionally the color of the university from where the degree was earned. The doctoral academic regalia consists of much more intricate accessories which includes the hood, cord and also stoles that have distinct patterns and designs from the bachelor’s and master’s.

Item attributes

Distinguishing the various educational levels isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. Certainly there are certain features that every one of these pieces could tell you which educational level the graduate has earned. One of the features is the hood. The narrower and longer the hood is, the greater the educational level is. The color of the hood likewise varies according to the degree. Some of these colors with their corresponding degree are noted right here.

Agriculture – Maize Education – Light Blue Dentistry – Lilac Arts/Letters/Humanities – White Engineering – Orange Forestry – Russet Library Science – Lemon yellow Music – Pink Medicine – hunter Green

The cap used by the bachelor’s and also master’s degree are the same. Nevertheless, the gown for the master’s level has elongated sleeves and also a portion of the sleeves dangles down just below the opening of the hand. The doctoral academic regalia come with a gown which is longer than the bachelor’s and master’s. It’s usually ankle length. Additionally, it includes horizontal strips by the upper arm section. The tam is worn instead of a mortarboard.

Your academic regalia carry along with it your hard work, dedication and also commitment. It signifies your respectable achievement and your great pride. The chance to put on this attire rests in your hands and on your will to achieve it. When you get this great chance make it the very best chance in your educational endeavors and put on the very best gown that you definitely deserve.

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