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Many people think that working from home is something they can only dream of. The truth of the matter is that for people who are self-employed or work for a company, working at home is truly an option. Working from home does not just benefit the employee, employers see perks, too.

Employees see the most benefits of working at home. When working from home, employees are able to enjoy more family time. Families with young children can use working from home as a way to have a stay at home parent while still making two incomes. This takes away the headache of finding and affording reliable daycare. Instead, one parent works from home and manages the children.

Working from home also puts less stress on an employee. The constant and chronic stressful aspects of an office setting are removed when you are working from home. As long as you are able to produce the desired results by the end of the day, there are no rules as to how you must work. Working at home removes the constant stress of negative coworkers, distracting conversations, and other interactions that inhibit your work. Working from home you are also allowed to be dressed as comfortably as you like. In short, working from home allows you to dictate when and where and how you will perform your tasks.

For people with disabilities, working from home is sometimes their only option. Some people find it nearly impossible to work in the outside world because they are physically or mentally unable to sustain a job. Working from home allows these people to overcome one massive obstacle of being employed.

Employers reap benefits as well when their employees are able to work from home. When you have many employees, it becomes difficult and expensive to keep an office for them. First, there is the physical space; office space is typically at a premium and leasing or owning is expensive. Depending on how much space you need and how many employees must be on the premises, you may be able to entirely eliminate this cost. The energy costs of running a building are also reduced or eliminated. The functional items of an office are also no longer going to cost employers money; when employees work from home, desks, cubicles, and other office furniture and equipment is no longer needed.

Working from home has obvious perks for employees, but employers stand to save money, too. If you are someone who has a schedule that makes it hard to make it to an office or has a disability that limits your ability to leave home, working from home may be a great option for you. Employers looking to cut costs would also be wise to consider sending their employees home to work.

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