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July 20, 2012 · Posted in Online Marketing 

Have you ever stepped into a group setting and watched the interactions of the individuals already present? Have you observed who appears to have the most influence and to whom many people gravitate? Does not it seem like those people have a presence about them that just draws other people to them? When individuals are with them, they seem to become more energized, confident and excited. Is that how it is with you? Are you currently the individual that people are attracted to and seem to draw power from? Maybe that happens sometimes, but you’re not fairly certain why or how you can re-create it. Fortunately, it is a ability you are able to discover and use to influence the people and atmosphere about you. I do not mean this inside a unfavorable way, exactly where you’re exerting some kind of crazy control more than people. But, if you really want to positively influence those about you and improve your every day interactions with everybody you encounter, it’s in your control.

Have you wondered why some interactions have gone better than other people? Why did 1 individual appear to snap at you and treat you poorly while another approached you warmly and with respect? Was it just a random occurrence or the item of 1 person’s poor day? While that is a possibility, think back on the numerous conversations you’ve had but, do not just focus on the other persons actions. What had been your actions and attitudes just before the conversations? Had been you in a good or unfavorable state of mind? Had been you open and inviting or closed off and in a hurry? Many times the reactions that we receive from the people we speak with are just a mirrored reflection of what we’re giving them. So, we need to consider how we’re approaching these around us and make sure we are giving what we’d prefer to receive.

“You have to adopt the attitude you want others to express.” Les Giblin

Do You have Influence?

In some methods, it is type of a bummer to understand that we’re a significant contributor to the reactions and responses that we get from people. It means that we can’t just arbitrarily blame everybody else for a poor or unfavorable encounter. However, if you believe of it in the correct way, now you realize you have a larger say in what does occur. Usually, people wish to act appropriately. How do we, or anybody for that matter, know what’s suitable? It is frequently based on those around us and in the event you start the conversation off in a positive and uplifting way then others will generally follow along. They will unconsciously want to live as much as the expectations which have been place on the situation. So, merely by controlling our personal attitude and emotions we influence those around us.

If you are building a team of individuals or are networking in any way, these kinds of abilities are extremely useful and can make or break your efforts. A really useful resource that we have discovered in teaching attraction marketing is a site called My Lead System Pro (MLSP). This can be a generic networking and marketing platform that teaches not only mindset but applicable and duplicatable skills. Take a appear and see if MLSP is something that might make sense for you.

1 thing to usually keep in mind is to SMILE! In the event you smile, the other person smiles. In the event you frown, they frown; and in the event you shout, they shout right back. This is useful to help keep in thoughts whenever you discover yourself inside a tense situation. If you can maintain your composure and keep your tone low or soft, it almost forces them to do the same factor. It prevents anger from expanding and becoming explosive. It must be done early, although, because once the other individual becomes angry it is too late. Knowing this may assist you to steer clear of more challenging circumstances and can help you begin to develop a reputation of getting the ability to be well balanced and simple to deal with. You will find some particular abilities which you will wish to develop to assist you as you function with more and much more people. In the event you use these properly, your encounters and growth with others will be much smoother.

“I have found that the best way to get another to acquire a virtue is to impute it to them.” Winston Churchill

Use Positive Influence

1. Be Enthusiastic: enthusiasm is catching, people wish to be about it and can follow it. Make it an integral component of your personality.

2. Be Confident: when you are confident, it imparts confidence to other people. In the event you expect and assume achievement then others will do exactly the same.

How do you convey self-confidence? It’s not just by what you say but also the small issues that you do, also. Your actions should comply with suit with your words or there will be a disconnect that those around you really feel. When that happens, your influence becomes diminished. To steer clear of that from happening, Les Giblin says you must “put some magnetism in your personality” and addresses some specifics to comply with in his book The Art of Dealing with Individuals.

1. Watch your walk: your physical actions express your mental attitude. Walk with a objective, together with your head up as well as your shoulders back.

2. Watch your handshake: a firm but not bone-crushing handshake conveys self-confidence and good self-esteem that does not need to prove something. Also steer clear of the “dead fish” handshake because it portrays no self-confidence.

3. Watch your tone: most expression happens through your voice so, make sure your message is clear, firm and avoids whining. Stay away from mumbling and any sense of hopelessness, usually portray courage and the capability to move forward.

4. Watch your smile: keep your smile genuine and sincere. It conveys openness, confidence and trustworthiness.

If you can keep these simple things in mind as you go via your daily interactions, soon it will become second nature. You’ll experience higher achievement and greater “influence” with these about you. Individuals will wish to be around you and can be more easily drawn to you. Watch as your relationships, team building and business growth enhance significantly. All because you take the time to improve the way you interact and subtly manage your environment. If you’re searching for a system that can help you create these and other abilities, an excellent resource to turn to is My Lead System Pro. MLSP can offer many helpful resources and contacts to leaders who can help direct you to helpful coaching, help get you unstuck and provide you with the ability to positively influence others. Take the time to really appear.

Be in control!

Enjoy the Journey!

Imagine working less than an hour a day to attract 10-20+ new leads a day. Imagine personally sponsoring 10-15 new team builders a month. Imagine a proven attraction marketing system literally guaranteed to produce results, such as MLSP. The KEY is to master the art and science of INFLUENCE. Imagine “building a business” not just a downline.


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