Information On How To Do A Small Kitchen Remodel With Limited Funds

June 8, 2012 · Posted in Family 

You’ve certainly come to the right place if you’re looking to perform a small kitchen renovation work cheaply. I’ve got quite a few tricks and tips up my sleeve that I’d like to give you so you can remodel your kitchen area without needing to get a second mortgage on your home just to do it. So let’s have a look at a few of these methods right now.

The very first thing you must do is totally paint your whole kitchen from top to bottom in every place that could utilize some new paint. Paint is often really inexpensive, and it could really create your room look completely brand-new. If you wish to shake things up you must even modify your color to some thing different so the room looks very different from the way it did before you place a new paint on the walls.

Another thing you could do that must be really affordable is to change the flooring. Clearly if you’re going to change from say linoleum to hard wood, you can expect this to be a little bit expensive. But when you happen to have tile floors and you wish to switch those to linoleum then you’re gonna actually be able to conserve a lot of money and also make your kitchen appear completely different all the same time. I really wouldn’t recommend ripping up nice hardwood floors for linoleum, but if you do not have hardwood then adding linoleum is a nice method to make an easy and cheap change.

The last suggestion I want to share is cabinet repair and refinishing. You don’t have to get brand-new cabinets simply because you know that they can be very expensive. Just pull off the doors and the knobs and handles, and then change the hinges and handles with more modern, shinier versions and sand the door and paint it. You might even wish to stain the cabinets for that extra fresh look and feel.

Use these tips properly and make your kitchen appear brand-new once more.

These are the best tips that I can provide you that will help you complete a kitchen remodel on a budget.


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