Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Reviews Help Consumers Make Choices

June 12, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Before selecting portable air compressors for purchase, consumers will want to study Ingersoll Rand air compressor reviews. These devices are used to power pneumatic tools for use in construction as will as in auto repair. They make a great addition to any home or shop and can make work easier for the owner.

In reading these reviews, the consumer will find that pneumatic tools and an Ingersoll Rand air compressor work together to make many tasks easier. Air tools offer more power than electric tools and can supply more torque and RPMs as well. The provide the needed power to complete jobs in less time. Hoses use quick connects to make switching from one tool to another easy. These tools provide a safe alternative to other tools.

For home use, consumers find the tools can reduce the time required for completion of projects. The smaller portable units are easy to wheel from the garage to work in the home or the yard. Many home users choose brad nailers, drills and impact wrenches to use. Be sure you select a device large enough to provide enough power to operate any tools you plan to use.

Professionals often prefer industrial grade devices that provide the pneumatic power for the tools. Commercial devices are larger and can provide the air form more demanding jobs and produce additional horsepower. The machines deliver higher PSI and additional CFM to produce longer run times.

While it is possible to find portable industrial grade machines, many are only available as stationary units that have large air tanks, holding up to 120 gallons. Often these compressors offer more horsepower, CFM air volume and a quicker recovery time to operate a larger variety of tools to complete the job. Portable devices are often smaller and equipped with wheels for easier transportation from one site to another.

Consumers will want to carefully compare the CFM a device is able to provide. Consider the requirements of the tools that will be used with the device. Choose compressors that provide enough CFM to power the tool requiring the most air. If tool ratings are in average CFM, this number assumes the tool is in use 25% of the time. If tools will be in continuous use, multiply the average CFM by 4 to determine the needed device.

Compressors may be powered by electric motors or gasoline engines. Electricity is available in many locations, but the largest compressors often require 220v power. These pollution free devices are ideal for use in areas where exhaust would cause a problem. Gasoline devices are excellent in many new construction projects where pneumatic power is needed but electricity is not available. Several manufacturers provide devices that operate using a gasoline engine.

Whether looking at pneumatic suppliers for home or industrial use, Ingersoll Rand air compressor reviews can help consumers select the best device for their needs. Select devices that provide sufficient pressure and recovery time to operate the tools that need to be operated. If portability is necessary, select a unit that is small enough to move easily using the supplied attached wheels.

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