Interesting Facts On The Trex Helicopter

May 25, 2012 · Posted in Hobbies 

Back in 1984 the Align Machine Tool Company was founded in Taiwan, their initial products were carbon brush motors. As they expanded into the domestic Taiwanese market, they underwent a name change, and in 1995 became Align Appliances. They have continued to flourish and diversify, and in 2003 they entered the field of high performance RC model kits, offering the ever popular Trex helicopter.

Align are known for the T Rex series of radio controlled helicopters, and these range in size from small to large. They have become internationally recognized as producing an excellent range, suitable for a novice up to world level competitors. Align also produce a range of accessories from clothing to aluminum carrying cases.

In an effort to become more customer friendly Align established a public model air field, and created a web site where enthusiasts can discuss various topics and pass on tips and information. There is also the annual fun fly which attracts internationally known flyer’s. It really does help to narrow the gap between the customer and the manufacturer.

In days gone by, the world of the RC chopper hobbyist was viewed as a pastime solely for the well off. Align take a different view about this, and their extensive range of RC models has an affordable price range too, so people from all walks of life can enjoy this hobby. With fresher blood entering into this field it stays fresh, and new ideas develop.

In 2010, Align released their smallest RC chopper in the T Rex range, the T Rex 100. The kit comprises everything that you will need to get you flying. Although, if you have never flown an RC model before, don’t expect to be doing aerobatics straight away, everything comes with patience.

If you haven’t bought your trex helicopter to enter into competitions, chances are that you bought it for fun. A lot of damage can be done by the tips of the rotors as they travel at speeds of over 200 mph. So only fly these machines with safety in mind, not only for yourself but also any bystanders, and don’t fly them in confined or busy areas.

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