Investing In A Porta Potty In Edmonton For Camping

October 31, 2011 · Posted in Travel 

It has been called in a variety of names. Some call it a tidy john while others name it as a Portaloo. Whichever name it is, this portable toilet serves as temporary toilets in camping grounds, open ground events, and construction sites. Many people have thought to buy a porta potty Edmonton for their next camping excursion.

It has a standard size of ninety centimeters in width and two hundred ten centimeters in length. Most of the time there are doors to provide privacy. Those with doors always have ventilation on top to allow air to come in and out of the enclosure. Some toilets have liquid disinfectants while others have tissue papers inside.

There are three types of toilets you can bring when you go on camping. The first one is the collapsible john. These type can be taken with you anywhere and will not use up a lot of space in the vehicle. It usually comes with a waste kit that can be take out and thrown on the nearest trash bin.

The next is the bucket style. As the name implies, this type is made of plastic that allows a person to sit on top of it with ease. It may take a lot of space in a truck because it cannot be folded unlike the collapsible variety.

Some individuals do not feel comfortable when they use a non-flush commode. There is a deluxe flush john available for them. This can be installed in trailers and minivans that do not have toilets. Since it is quite heavy, one cannot bring it anywhere as they please. However, one can clean it easily with no hassle.

There are a few key points that need to be considered before buying. Privacy shelters may be needed especially for types that need not be installed in trailer trucks. Choose a type that can carry your weight and height. A few fresheners may be needed to avoid foul odors.

A porta potty Edmonton can make your camping experience memorable as you need not miss anything just to go to a rest room nearby. Take time to decide and choose the right one for you and be sure that it is a durable kind.

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