Is Dandruff Really Contagious?

April 3, 2012 · Posted in Men's Health 

Pretty much all of us would most likely have heard our mom and dad asking us to not use bed pillows and stuff used by folks with dandruff, due to the concern that you could very well catch it. Plus if you ever have had dandruff for some period of time till date, you might almost certainly have endured the quite difficult circumstance where somebody you lent a cushion actually declined it, and you imagined that it was on account of your dandruff condition.

In spite of this, the reality is: Dandruff is NOT AT ALL transmittable.

Just how do I understand that? Well, that certainly is just what the skin experts maintain! And from my very own experiences also, not one person ever has accused that they acquired dandruff via me personally, which include all those who actually shared a house with me all through my hardest episodes of dandruff.

Considering what precisely is dandruff, it will get fairly obvious precisely why dandruff is not transmittable. Just as i have stated n number of times on my blog, dandruff is absolutely not a sickness. It is only a worsened physiological condition.

When you know that dandruff is based on your own personal susceptibility and also issues like stress, climatic conditions and all of those other factors of which I had stated, it will become practically inconceivable to believe that dandruff is infectious.

Having said that, it is generally encouraged to clean up your personal combs and wash your bed covers weekly to keep away from other transmittable infections such as head lice.

For now, relax, and just forget about your itchy scalp next time you are with your lover, friend or client. You’re not going to infect them. Also, if you are suspecting that one of them may perhaps infect you, don’t be concerned, and enjoy the moment with them, since there’s no chance you may acquire dandruff from somebody else.

Before you rush to start your dandruff treatment plans, check out Mat Wattson’s blog where he answers the query: is dandruff contagious? and also speaks on home remedies for dandruff.


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