Is It All Right To Ask For Somebody’s Phone Number For Future Reference?

December 28, 2011 · Posted in Dating 

Could be. If you see a possibility of asking that person for a date, it certainly is okay. A person may not immediately impress you but you may see some promise in that person. In that event, it should be worth taking their phone number for a possible date. However, if you don’t think you would be interested, then don’t take their number! Persons who cannot make their minds should read further on to help with making a decision.

Ask if he or she seems to be an intriguing person and you want an opportunity to know them better.

Unless you are definitely sure that you are not interested, it would be better to take their phone in the event you change your mind. Opportunity comes knocking only once.

It is possible also to give your phone number to the other person. If you have multiple phone numbers, you can give them any or all, whatever is convenient to you. Some persons are uncomfortable with giving their phone numbers to new acquaintances so this should be a better arrangement for both of you. The other person will like it very much if the choice of making the next move is left to them and that gesture will be a factor in your favor.

After deciding to get a person’s telephone number, remember men and women are different when it comes to calling each other. Arguably, there is the thought that a man takes a longer time than the women to make up their minds whether or not to call. On the other hand, a woman who gives her phone number to a man usually expects to receive a call immediately and may be even waiting for it. If the woman feels like calling, then it is her privilege to do so and there will be nothing unusual about it.

If you think that there is not a chance of going out with a person, then don’t complicate matters by giving your phone number. Say no, thank you, right away and be tactful about it. People are used to it. That gives that person and you the opportunity to move on to someone else they may be interested in.

When asked, there is no telling if a person will consent to give his or her phone number. If the other party agrees, then you made a good impression, and if not then you didn’t. One rule that you should keep in mind is not to ask for a phone number with no purpose, but if the other person immediately strikes a chord, then by all means go for it with everything you’ve got. It boils down to whether or not it is worthwhile to give your phone number to another and vice versa.

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