Is Summer Camp Safe For Your Child

March 17, 2012 · Posted in Family 

[youtube:gb98QQhvIdY;[link:Nature Summer Camp];] It is time to start thinking about Summer Youth Camps. But before your children head off, health experts are is suggesting both parents and camp directors, step up to protect the health and safety of each campers’ health.

Probably the most important thing is for parents to ask Camp Directors prior to camp what kinds of health services, and emergency response can be expected at camp. It is expected that camps require, a full health exam and list of any medications. Children also need access to emergency drugs for asthma and allergies. The days are gone as seeing camp as a “medication holiday.”

With a little effort by parents before camp much homesickness can be alleviated.

Edward Walton, M.D. helped write guidelines for camper safety policy for the American Academy of Pediatrics along with the American Camp Association.

says Walton, “Summer camp, whether it’s day camp or sleep-away, can be a great experience for children — but it’s crucial that parents, camp officials and medical professionals work together to make it as safe and problem-free as possible for children.”

Walton writes in the journal of Wilderness & Environmental Medicine showing that nearly 45% of camp have health care workers without significant training to meet the medical needs, including diabetes, asthma, attention deficit disorder and epilepsy. For most camps ambulance services are more than 10 minutes from camp and nearly 75%t said the hospital was smaller and less equipped than a city hospital.

Walton feels parents and camp officials need to talk openly, before camp about all health problems their child might face at camp. Be clear on how the camp would respond, and how parents can be reached in an emergency.

The bottom line here is to look into the camps safety record and be sure to ask the camp owners and directors how safe their camp is. Are they prepared for your child? To learn more on how to pick a summer camp go to Summer Camp Advice. A FREE directory about Summer Camp

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